100 day review: Electorate dissatisfied with performance of new government

President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Guyana’s electorate has expressed a general sense of dissatisfaction with the performance of the new APNU+AFC government after it was voted into office after May 11.

The APNU+AFC administration in its elections campaign had set out a 100-day plan to accomplish several critical goals, however 107 days later, several of those plans remain unimplemented while a few hang in limbo.

A recent poll conducted by iNews shows that while the government has given itself an “A Grade” for its performance thus far, the majority of the electorate does not feel the same.

In fact, questioned whether they were satisfied with the APNU+AFC’s performance in its first 100 days in Office, 74.3% of the respondents noted ‘no.’ The survey shows that 22% of the respondents were satisfied with what this new government has been able to accomplish in office.

Meanwhile another 2.8% of the respondents indicated that they were undecided about the government’s performance.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has acknowledged that the administration has not been able to deliver on all that was promised and cited various reasons why this is the case.

“Where there had not been completion of a particular promise in terms of implementability, I had said what was the reason…for example, the Public Procurement Commission, which had required certain specific mechanisms to kick it into action. We have in fact to 100 day today, kept those promises and we are continuing to deepen the implementation of all those promises,” the Prime Minister said.

He explained that government was challenged by several issues, including floods, territorial threat from neighboring Venezuela and the Opposition PPP which boycotted Parliament and refused to recognise the legitimacy of the APNU+AFC government.



  1. Good one cake ..the always smiling . the are in happy mode always . while pensioner has to think how to pay the water and light bill now that it was handed to them by the government ..

  2. John “” the new government doing well for them self . thanks for highlighting that . ask your new government why the can’t drop the fuel further . before election crude was higher than 39 USD per barrel and PPP drop gas to 154gyd per liter . the new government only can drop fuel to 200 gyd per liter . one of them said he don’t see a reason to drop fuel prices . so I heard .what the apnu / AFC is excellence with is brain washing the people . ..on the issue of recount PPP maybe next 5 years . apnu recount would have start may 12 at 5:30hrs. Lol. That explain a free democratic society lol..

  3. Guess u don’t really know what really going on in Guyana . the apnu/AFC take away the school children 10 thousand . the give the older folkes a increase in pension which is about 3,500 Guyana dollars and in return the got to pay for water and electricity which will be way above . one post to one minister in PPP now 5 person in one position and a increase of 100% . now that a good 100 days promise to them self apnu/AFC . not to the people of Guyana ..

  4. You better believe that said poll was correct. Why I say so? In all democracies there is something called “recount” why no recount? The “x’ marked on ballots do not lie ever.

  5. Don’t believe everything your told, no new government anywhere in the world could out perform the previous government in only four months given the previous 23 years reign…. The people need a dose if reality it will take at least 8-10 years to see an improvement… So people, Rome was not built in a day

  6. Are you still on that foolishness of jailing people ? The coalition has already seen that it has to move away from that pre elections propaganda .Why are you still left behind?

  7. PNC operatives did not have to promise their people anything for them to vote for it. They all knew the election fix came up a tad short in 2011 and it was mastered in 2015. Guyanese ain’t see nothing yet of whats to come from this installed government. That 10,000 for poor kids will turn on PNC pretty soon. The independent free press is still giving the benefit of the doubt to the new installed rulers. The honeymoon is still smooth the independent free press on PNC boys. The worse is yet to come and it is with hope that the Guyanese people are fully braced for whats to come.

  8. More to come. Guyana is heading into a recession. This de facto Government will take Guyan down. Stay tuned.

  9. Sorry this poll is unscientific.Taken by a person that has their own agenda.The public is overwhelmingly in favor of the new Government.and their only criticism is that the government’s action taken against the previous government’s corruption, is moving too slowly.But hold strain, the truth will forthcoming,and people will be jailed here and/ or the USA..

  10. Nobody can judge the performance in 100 days. Once again voters are taken for a ride. We have no expectations from you not even after 4 years. Please stop blaming the previous government for your failures. Everything is backfiring and we want you to revive the economy and help build Guyana. Only change we see is news headlines with false information and trying to intimidate media.

  11. The ONLY Real and Valid Evaluation of any new government elected, is after they have complete the FIRST term of their tenure. Any other method used would be grossly unfair to them.

  12. “who do wish to call a spade a spade. ” should be “who do not wish to call a spade a spade”.

  13. The poll is more than suspect and polster seems to have an agenda.
    The government has done quite a lot. First to be able to present a Budget in a short time taking into consideration the many disingenuous state of affairs of accountability by the past administration; the lack of co-operation by the now Opposition, albeit, in a close election there were reasons for concerns. The constant propaganda by the disillusioned opposition diehards who do wish to call a spade a spade. One word of advice to the Government, however, it must not appear to be giving important positions out to one ethnicity; advertise and appoint the most qualified and experienced individuals. Act swiftly, though efforts being made, to curb crime – the need to win the confidence of all Guyanese is necessary. The Rice Industry appears to be suffering from a possible loss of the Venezuelan Market – need some positives in this area of markets for rice;Cheap energy is necessary and soon. Do not get entangled with the press. There are some diehards – they will soon see the light of day. Of importance will be the findings of fair and just audits undertaken with the support of the Auditor General it is understood lend support to find outside auditors to audit the many questionable Ministries/Programs/Projects including the Amaila Falls.Skeldon Estate and allocation of forest lands and non-adherence to down stream operations (honouring of agreements). Do not be caught at this time of Climate Change programs – prioritise the country’s immediate needs…unity and confidence.

  14. There was also a poll before that said the PPP was winning the elections. I have learnt not to trust polls.

  15. It’s unfair to say the general electorate is dissatisfied with the new government’s performance over 100 days. What if the persons who voted in this opinion poll were those who support the PPP or some other party not in coalition? And besides, 100 days is no sufficient time to judge anything. However, in the 100 day “judgement” one should determine how satisfied they are with the delivery of the campaign promises “quote on quote” that were promised within the 100 days.

  16. Thank you iNews for doing this poll. However, I must say that the results of this poll only reinforces what the general public already knew. The current regime is too blind to see what is going on and too dumb to accept it and fix it. They gave the Guyanese people allot of false hopes and empty promises and to the end they came up empty handed. And be mindful this is only the beginning of the downward spiral to come when the economy will slump into a recession and all the progress made under the PPP will soon be history and good memories. Former President Jagdeo eluded to state of the economy and confidence level of investors in his presentation in parliament but everyone thought he was was shooting off hot air. People of Guysna don’t have opportunistic politicians continue to brown nose you with lies and deception. Stand up for your rights.

  17. You dont need a poll to show the lack of achievement. The defacto-govt scored a D at best. Anyone with half a brain would be dissatisfied. That’s excluding some idiots on this site.

  18. The figures cited in this poll seems to be more general that scientific. If it were a scientific poll what was the margin of error that was not stated. secondly who was polled and where the predominant answers came from is not reflected in the report, t best we can consider this poll flawed and and not reflective of the satisfactions expressed by those who live outside the areas dominated by the opposition supporters. Unless the nation was looking for pie to drop from the skies then we can give some validity to the poll.

  19. Over 4000000 persons voted…….cannot make such a conclusion base on 1600……..know of 1000s who r satisfied

  20. Yes APNU/AFC have achieved – they have achieved taking out photos all over the place. A picture perfect achievement.


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