1 stabbed to death, another injured following attempted robbery in Berbice

Dead, Orlando Jonas

A construction worker was on Saturday evening killed while another was injured after they were attacked by two men who attempted to rob them at Fyrish, Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The dead man was identified as 29-year-old Orlando Jonas of Fyrish, Berbice while the injured man is Mahendra Ramnarine, 18, also of the same village.

Dead, Orlando Jonas

Based on information received, the now dead man and Ramnarine were riding home and in the vicinity of a popular shop in the area, they were attacked by the men who attempted to relieve them of their personal items.

Jonas retaliated by putting up a fight but was stabbed by one of the men.

Upon seeing this, Ramnarine went to his aid and was also injured to his face. Ramnarine reportedly ran away from the scene to get assistance leaving Jonas fighting with the two men.  Eventually, Ramnarine met his brother at a shop and related what took place.

The two men along with others rushed to the scene where they saw Jonas lying on the roadway in a pool of blood. He was picked up and take to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Inews understands that the two men who carried out the brutal attack on Jonas and Ramnarine turned up at the Port Mourant Police Station where they made a report that they were attacked and robbed.

They were nevertheless arrested since a report was already made against them. Investigations are ongoing.