​Education Ministry impressed with police youth work


By Leroy Smith

L-R: Commander Hicken, Clinton Urling, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud and Christopher Jones.
L-R: Commander Hicken, Clinton Urling, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud and Christopher Jones.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Director of Sports in the Ministry of Education, Christopher Jones has reiterated the ministry’s commitment to supporting the Guyana Police Force in its development of young people through sporting activities.

Jones, who was at the time addressing players in the Guyana Police Force ‘A’ Division Under-15 tournament on Sunday, June 28, said that the ministry is pleased with the work the police force is doing as it relates to community relations and getting young people involved in sporting activities with the assistance of stakeholders.

The sports official however pointed out that it remains very important for young people who are engaged in sporting activities not to put all their eggs into one basket and they should always seek to balance sports with academics.

“We want you to twin your participation in sports with your academics pursuits because it’s very important and go hand in hand. God forbid you sustain an injury and have to be placed on the bench permanently then you must always be able to fall back on your academics and of course we need to see you continuing your schooling,” Jones advised the players.IMG_6130

Commander Clifton Hicken remarked that the police force will continue to place emphasis on the development of young people while Chairman of the normalization committee of the Guyana Football Federation, Clinton Urling said that the coalition of the teams from ten different communities makes the future of football looks bright.

Top Cop Seelall Persaud in his address reminded that the Force has embarked on a social crime prevention initiative and that a large amount of work in that regard has been in the area of sports, which he hopes to continue. He added too that the Guyana Police Force has seen success in its work since the implementation of the initiative.



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