​Berbice man critical after rum shop chopping


By Leroy Smith

The badly injured Michael Dorway
The badly injured Michael Dorway

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Michael Dorway of Cumberland East Canjie Berbice is in a critical condition after he was attacked by several men and chopped while drinking at a rum shop in Cane Field, Canjie Berbice at approximately 01:30 hrs on Friday, July 10.

According to information reaching iNews, Dorway and his friends were at the shop when an argument broke out between them about ‘Indian and English’ music.

One of the men allegedly pushed Dorway, who retaliated but was chopped several times about the body. The police arrived at the scene and found the father of one lying helplessly and he was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Three men are in custody, while the police are on the hunt for another. Police sources have since indicated to iNews that Dorway will be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, given his critical condition.



  1. Correction this person was not killed pray he survives. The brutality is still beyond sick.

  2. What does the closing time has to do with this senseless brutality. To kill someone over an argument about music an international language is animalistic these thugs are cavemen and should be given very long jail terms.


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