M&CC commences overhaul of Georgetown; Bush trucks, vendors & vagrants targeted


By Jomo Paul

Mayor Hamilton Green
Mayor Hamilton Green

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Mayor and City Council(M&CC) of Georgetown has commenced a major overhaul of the city with specific emphasis to be placed on vagrants, city businesses, large trucks and delinquent vendors.

This is according to Mayor Hamilton Green, at a Friday morning press conference, where he laid out plans for the restoration of the city.

“This grand crusade, this grand adventure to restore the city after 23 years of being put under the ground,” said Green who has been the Mayor for more than two decades.

One of the major issues that the plan tackles is the congestion of traffic and the Mayor indicated that one of the stratagems being employed to look at this matter is the formalization of street vendors.

He also pointed out that the council will be tackling “bush trucks” that damage the parapets in the city and its environs when they park.

On the same issue of trucks, it was noted that the council would be considering as one of its options, a restriction on the time when certain vehicles can traverse the roadways.

In some countries large trucks are only allowed to travel at nights during certain hours but this is not the case in Guyana.

“This may very well be a part of the package that comes out of the dialogue that we have started,” said Mayor Green who added that the trucks are “blocking the pathways of citizens and destroying our parapets.”

“We are now giving notice to those owners and operators of bush trucks that they are to remove them post haste,” he also stated. The issues outlined, the Mayor said are “creating and exacerbating the issue of congestion.

Also on the City Council’s agenda is the option of amending by laws to allow for more stringent fees to be imposed for breaches on the part of vendors, businesses and citizens.

At present these laws are antiquated and allow for fines as little as $200 for grave offences.



  1. PPP supporters can no longer talk about Burnham dictatorship without being told about 23 years of PPP dictatorship. So let us all move forward and build our beautiful country. It belongs to ALL Guyanese.

  2. What some people fail to understand or accept, is that Hamilton Green has been the Mayor of Georgetown for all these years, simply because there has not been any Local Government Elections in 20 years, complements of the PPP/C government. It’s that simple and that’s the FACT.

  3. You don’t have to like this guy, but Mayor Hamilton Green who I was encouraging for over four years now to relax and write a sequel to his book “THE GREEN WAY”, seems to be enjoying a political rebirth of sorts. With ‘bosslady’ Sooba gone, this 80 year old Mayor now has a new lease of life and obviously enjoying it. Bravo! Let’s see if he’ll campaign at the up-coming Local Government elections and run for Mayor yet again.

  4. design an area that only trucks can park and stop. Ban them from using certain roads during rush hours. Advise supermarkets and business who get stock via trucks that loading and off loading of goods needs to be done at nights,

  5. It a known fact that the former PPP government did not support Mayor Green in any way shape or form. In fact they did all in their power to frustrate his efforts on behalf of the citizens of Georgetown a city they considered a PNC city as such they simply allowed it to decay and rot. The results a once beautiful garden city became a putrid embarrassment. The last stumbling block to Mayor Greens efforts was that incompetent party hack carol sooba who not only reduced tax penalties for friends but did all she could in not assisting the city to move foward. She made sure however her office was refurnished to the tune of millions while Stabroke market was falling apart. Sooba even locked out market vendors from a city hall meeting called by the mayor. The point to all this is the Mayor was elected by the people if the PPP wanted him out so bad they should not have stood in the way of LGE which they are now hypocritally criticizing efforts of the administration to hold. Now you call him a failure when the PPP did all it could do to frustrate his efforts. Hypocrisy is endemic in the PPP and their supporters – maharanee.

  6. Hamilton Green was elected and will be removed if the citizens of Georgetown make that decision through elections.

  7. When will Hamilton Green be removed? He is an absolute failure. He failed during the Burnham dictatorship as prime minister and he failed as Mayor of GT. Send this relic packing! For how much longer will he leech off the people’s money?


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