Youth Parliament debates end on high note

House Speaker Dr Bartlan Scotland pose for a photo op with participants of this year's National Youth Parliament

The sitting of the 3rd annual Youth Parliament culminated on a high note on Thursday as students assumed the roles of policymakers to debate their views on pressing matters of national interest.

House Speaker Dr Bartlan Scotland pose for a photo op with participants of this year’s National Youth Parliament

After taking on the role of parliamentarians for about 4 days, 40 secondary school students took to the highest house in the nation, questioning the decisions and presenting recommendations towards the resolution of four significant issues, currently at the forefront of politics in Guyana.

The topics deliberated this year included the proposed cap on CSEC subjects, the Guyana/Venezuela boarder controversy, prevention of suicide as well as the construction of a local oil refinery as Guyana gears up to establish itself as a major oil and gas hub.

The groundbreaking debates presented by both the delegated government and opposition were topped off with a reception dinner, at which the participants received high praises and were awarded for their outstanding performances.

Prime Minister of the Guyana, Moses Nagamootoo extended congratulations to students for successfully taking on the roles of those in the highest offices in Guyana.

Nagamootoo highlighted the fact that both the delegated Prime Minister and leader of the opposition were females and posited that it is paving the way for women, not just as leaders of the home but potentially at the forefront of the country as well.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly, Barton Scotland indicated that this is the first time Youth Parliament was staged for an entire week, allowing for participants to dig deeper into their debates, which he noted certainly paid off.

As a result, he is charging the budding politicians to utilise the knowledge and skills gained during this experience.




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