‘Young people believe Gov’t is racist’ – Dr Harding, as tempers flare on ‘Hard Talk’



By Fareeza Haniff

Hard Talk p[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), Dr Faith Harding has revealed that a number of young people in Guyana feel that the government of the day is a racist one.

Dr Harding became heated on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM, as she responded to People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian, Odinga Lumumba who remarked that “nothing was done under the PNC government.”

During the discussion on whether snap elections should be called, Lumumba sought to continuously delve into the country’s history, going back to the PNC government.

He is of the view that the younger generation should be consistently reminded of the past when there was no potable water, 20 people living in one house, no proper roads and lack of housing schemes.

This irked Dr Harding, who said, “man look” and dismissed Odinga. She reminded of housing schemes in Mahaica and West Ruimveldt.

“Going back to the past is ignorance. It is destroying our young people. Today, you still have 13 and 14 year olds talking to me about how racist this government is, how racist this nation is and it hurts….because that’s what’s being preached to them…by everybody. Those young people don’t have a chance as they see it here. They feel that this Guyana is not for them, it is not theirs, they cannot participate, and that is very serious. Don’t blame them,” Dr Harding exclaimed.

In response, Lumumba said, “We cannot take the wealth and hard earned money of others and give it to those who don’t have.”

In an obvious flustered tone, Dr Harding said, “Oh look man, Let us be fair, the Government is unfair.” She noted that that she’s had personal experiences of an unfair PPP government.

However, Lumumba continued to delve into the past. He noted that he grew up in Buxton which never had a proper road.

In response, Dr Harding said, “You’re too old Odinga.” Lumumba, nevertheless continued with his rant, and Dr Harding dismissed him once again with a loud sigh.



  1. Unfortunately, much of the political discourse in Guyana tends to retract on the past and the ideologies and decisions of individuals who are long dead! Its time for leaders, policy and decision makers to focus more on creating and implementing programs for Guyana which takes every citizen into consideration despite of status or biological profiles.

  2. and you talking about 13 and 14 year old..what you should talk about is their patents..two parents not one..13 year kids should be playing and attending school and not thinking about politics and their future.el dumbo they are 13

  3. you dont want the young ones to know of your party atrocious past..if they stop listening to pnc garbage they will know whats good for them. you are the racist.pnc is a racist political party. how many indians are in the pnc.take off your blikers you blind racist pncite

  4. Dr Faith is a PNC diehard and is blind to what the PNC did. If she does not believe to go back and look at the past and learn from it, she is living in a fool’s paradise.
    Perhaps Dr Faith should start today to change the mindset of the very young people she is talking about instead of using them as pawns.
    Black leaders are lacking to educate young black children. Look anywhere in this world, young blacks seems to be over represented in places like prisons.
    We need to see more education and more examples as in Madiba.

  5. Guyana do not have a balance society of Indians and afro Guyanese so the thing is, we have a domination of Indians which in my view is a disadvantage to negro sand also in my view there is still some racism in Guyana, even though nation seems to overcoming the racial past.


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