Woman robbed by gunman after withdrawing money from Bank


Police say they are investigating a robbery under arms committed on a 47-year-old secretary of Section ‘C’, Block  ‘Y’ Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The woman was robbed of her handbag- containing, among other things, $50,000 and her Samsung cellphone- by the armed bandit.

According to the police, the robbery occurred around  12:30hrs today after the woman went to a Bank on the Diamond Public Road, EBD and withdrew a sum of money.

She then left the bank with her vehicle and went to Fourth Avenue Diamond, EBD where she reportedly paid her employees and had $50,000 remaining, which she secured in her brown shoulder bag.

Afterwards the woman drove to a shop, where she made a purchase and proceeded to the cashier when the suspect with a handgun pounced and relieved her of the shoulder bag and escaped in a waiting silver/grey Toyota 212 motorcar.

Police were able to identify the suspect since the robbery was captured on surveillance cameras.

Investigators have since detailed that the suspect was recently charged with several armed robberies but was granted bail by the Court.

Officers are currently in search of the suspect.



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