Woman removed from New Amsterdam Market tests negative for COVID-19

A rapid response team was dispatched to fumigate the New Amsterdam Market

The woman who was on Monday removed from the New Amsterdam Market after it was reported that she is a suspected COVID-19 case has tested negative for the virus.

This is according to Director of Regional Health Services Jevaughn Stephens.

The woman was removed by members of the Rapid Response Team after it was reported that she might be have COVID-19.

Stephens did not reveal who made the report.

On Monday the woman went into the vegetable section of the market and shortly after members of the Rapid Response Team arrived and took her away.

The market was closed and subsequently fumigated.

Despite the results being negative, the Health Director said the woman will remain in a quarantine facility for fourteen days and then tested again.

Meanwhile, New Amsterdam’s Mayor Winifred Yearwood says new measures will be implemented at the New Amsterdam Market.

This, she said, was following recommendations from the Council.

She explained that only one entry will be available to get into the market.

“Everyone will have to go through one gate and they will use another one to come out.”

In addition to that, the Municipality is making arrangements purchase a device to check the temperature of all persons entering the municipal market.