Woman dies more than 1 month after being shot to neck by fiancé

Ashmin Mahadeo and Neil Madramootoo

After battling for her life for more than a month after she was shot to her neck by her fiancé, 32-year-old Ashmin Mahadeo has passed away.

She died moments ago at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Mahadeo was shot in the neck by her fiancé in her Williamsburg, Corentyne home on October 1, 2023.

The shooter, 29-year-old Neil Madramootoo of Shoe Lane, New Amsterdam was subsequently charged with attempted murder and granted bail in the sum of $500,000.

Mahadeo was discovered with a gunshot wound to her neck and was rushed to a hospital in Berbice an unconscious state.

Reports are that the bullet entered from the back of the neck and exited through the jaw.

She was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital but was only recently returned to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

Police were able to gather evidence in relation to an illegal firearm that was found in the house where the shooting incident took place.

Ballistics tests were also done while detectives also checked the hands and clothes of the fiancé for gunpowder residue.

At the time of the shooting, the couple was packing items in Madramootoo’s company vehicle to be taken to a location in Port Mourant where the couple’s bridal shower/reception was expected to take place.

The injured woman’s fiancé initially told her relatives that he did not know what transpired and even suggested that it might have been a robbery.

He had claimed that he did not know where Mahadeo’s cellphone was and that he could not find his.

However, both phones were subsequently discovered in a vehicle which the engineer had access to.

Now that Mahadeo is dead, the attempted murder charge will be upgraded to murder.