Wisroc community gets ICT hub

The new ICT hub at Wisroc, Linden

The Wisroc community at Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) is one of the most recent to benefit from an Information Communication Technology hub. Located at the Stacy Walters Library, this newest hub is equipped with 10 laptop computers and Internet access.

The new ICT hub at Wisroc, Linden

According to Senior Social Management Officer of the National Data Management Authority, Jasmaine Payne, the main aim of the initiative is to ensure online access to Government services.

“One of our main missions is to ensure that we bring Government services online; and so the ITC hubs that we have across the country — this will be the 128th across the country — will help to first give access to poor, hinterland and remote communities… “We have been working over the last several years to ensure that we bring these services to the communities, so that when we bring Government services online, they already have access,” she explained.

While such hubs are usually placed in Government-owned buildings, calls have been made for collaboration with non-governmental organisations so as to take the service to more communities. Owner of the library, overseas-based Guyanese Ingrid Walters, has said she is pleased to have the hub situated at the location. The library is utilised mainly by residents of Wisroc.

“I’m very pleased that the Government has stepped up and decided that they are going to do something with this building, like utilising some of the space we have here. It’s very expensive for me to keep filling this place with books. I’m overwhelmed”, she said. The hub will be managed by a committee which is expected to ensure smooth operation.



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