Winnette Lawrence represents Guyana in first Online Archery Competition

Winnette Lawrence placed 9th in the 1st online Archery competition

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, Archers from around the world recently got together and competed in a novel Virtual Online Archery Competition.

Archery Guyana announced that, in the 7th stage of this competition, held on Sunday May 17, Guyana’s Winnette Lawrence competed as the first Compound Archer to represent our country internationally in Archery.

In this competition, more than 1200 participants from all around the world competed in various categories. The competition spanned more than three sessions, because of the space limitation and also to allow for time differences in the 22 countries participating in the Compound Archery category.

There was representation from countries such as Belgium, Russia, France, USA, Pakistan, Finland, Trinidad, Australia, Philippines, Ireland, BVI, Indonesia, Rep. of South Africa, Great Britain, Brazil, Spain, Greece and Norway.

Competing from a remote location in the Virgin Islands against 12 other competitors at a distance of 30 metres, Lawrence finished in 9th position out of 13 competitors, with a score of 652 out of 720.

Lawrence disclosed, “Registration had to be done online, and we had to choose which session we would shoot, and distance. Because of lockdown, some persons had to scale down their target face to suit a distance. For inspection of the bows, we had to take a picture of it as well as the target face, and send online. They also sent a QR code for you to log on and send scores. After every end, we had to send a picture of arrows in target for scoring.

“I shoot a 2019 Hoyt prevail compound bow 40-50 lbs. with 600 spine McKinney 11 arrows.”

The competition is ongoing and is now entering its 8th stage. Archery Guyana congratulates Winnette Lawrence, and wishes her all the best; and expects her to stay safe and well.