Windsor Estates, Southland Int’l, Sterling and GT&T steal the show at GuyExPo


By Kurt Campbell and Fareeza Haniff

A depiction of the Housing Development by Windsor Estates. [iNews' Photo]
A depiction of the Housing Development by Windsor Estates. [iNews’ Photo]
[]There are hundreds of booths at GuyExpo, but most persons seem to flock Windsor Estates, Southland International Inc, Sterling Products and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T). To satisfy our curiosity, iNews decided to feature these four companies to find out what it is that is capturing the attention of the Guyanese public.

Windsor Estates

A new housing developer in Guyana, Windsor Estates is offering the Guyanese population a new standard of living – the North American Standards.  Speaking with iNews, Sales Manager Clyde Wilson explained that the company is developing a gated community at the back of the Republic Park area.

This development will have warranties on the roof, foundation and structure.

“It would be built on North American Standards. Our homes will have five year warranty on the foundation and structure and ten year warranty on all of our roofs. That is something that has never been done in Guyana and that is something we’re very serious about because we think the Guyanese people deserve something different and something get their monies worth basically,” Wilson said.

Navigant Builders, the developers of Windsor Estates headquartered in Bel Air Park Georgetown, is subsidiary of Stonewall Contracting Corporation in College Point New York.  Stonewall has been in business since 1990.

Sterling Products Limited

A customer tries the new Sterling Product at the GuyExPo booth. [iNews' Photo]
A customer tries the new Sterling Product at the GuyExPo booth. [iNews’ Photo]
Sterling Products limited is this year showcasing its naturally made Yo’great yogurt made from local fruits.

It comes in five flavors and is being sold for $240. Buy two and get one free. It is also showcasing its hydrate natural coconut water.

Sterling is this year promoting health, the yogurt and coconut water are two of its health products. Sterling Products is located at Providence, East Bank Demerara.


This year, GT&T is promoting its Mobile Money initiative. Coordinator, Allison Dundas explained, Mobile Money is an electronic wallet where you use your GT&T phone as an electronic wallet. You can deposit money into your phone account and that money can be used to buy your own credit to transfer money to somebody else, you could also pay your GT&T bill or your GPL bill…you can also buy GPL credit for your prepaid meter.”

GT&T's Booth. [iNews' Photo]
GT&T’s Booth. [iNews’ Photo]
Additionally, the company is also selling low end phones for $5,000 and persons will get back $2,000 in credit. There is also a 40 percent discount on Blackberries with four months free data as part of the package. Discounts are also available for modems.

Southland International

Southland International presents its first presentation at the Exhibition Site, Sophia for Guyexpo2013. The company which has only been in the Guyana market for just over a month has put together a massive and great first impression at its booth.

Throughout the course of the trade show which culminates on Sunday, Southland International boasts of extensive sampling of its products.

There is the Somersby Apple Cider – which seems to be a big hit – it is an alternative of alcoholic beverage, with 4.5 % alcohol fermented from apple. There is also the Moussy Malt for non-alcoholic drinkers.

This has been the biggest selling beverage for the company in the last five weeks. It comes in an easy to open cap and in three (3) delicious flavors – peach, pomegranate and Strawberry – the biggest seller being the pomegranate.

Patrons flock the booth of Southland International. [iNews' Photo]
Patrons flock the booth of Southland International. [iNews’ Photo]
Then there is the Royce Energy Drink which has been taking Guyana by storm. It comes in the Royce Gold and Royce Black. And finally for quenching that thirst there is the sodium free blue water that comes in two convenient sizes for a quick burst of refreshment.

Over the next two nights Southland International has a promotion at its booth where persons will get a chance to answer a question, once correct, that person will get a chance to spin the wheel. It doesn’t end there, from spinning the wheel there is a chance to win free products, free merchandise, cash discounts along with other exciting promotions.

Southland International which boast products with a difference is located permanently at 23 Brickdam Stabroek, Georgetown on the ground floor of Buddy’s building next to Sleep-In Hotel.




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