WICB to make ‘at least 100%’ revenue growth

Dave Cameron and Emanual Nanthan.
Dave Cameron and Emanual Nanthan.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A revenue rise of at least 100% over the next eight years is the expectations of the West Indies Cricket Board should the Draft Proposal of the Big Three be voted in.

According to a media release, the Bboard supports of the “key principles” put forward on day one of the ICC executive board meeting in Dubai.

It says it has been engaged in discussions at the regional level and concluded that these principals could be beneficial to West Indies cricket.

“After extensive discussions and careful consideration the West Indies Cricket Board joined with all other Full Members of the ICC in providing support for key principles relating to the future structure, governance and financial models of the ICC,” the release said.

The WICB said that the sport in the region stood to benefit more from the backing of such a proposal than their stance against it.

One such derivative is the projected monetary benefits and according to the board, “Based on new proposed system of ICC revenue sharing for the upcoming eight year cycle (2015-2023) WICB projects to receive at least 100% increase on the previous eight year cycle (2006-2014),”

The annual Test Match Fund, which is to support Full Members other than India, England and Australia, will “allow the WICB a financial buffer in the hosting of Test cricket against unprofitable teams”, the release said.

They debunked claims that it will negatively affect the sport in the Caribbean as they will not be excluded from membership or chairmanship of any committee of the ICC.

The release stated that they will remain eligible to be elected to the presidency, vice-presidency and chairmanship of the ICC, and chairmanship of the proposed Financial & Commercial Affairs and Ex- Co committees.



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