WICB Blacklisting: “It is a dark time for cricket in Guyana” – AFC


AFC[www.inewguyana.com] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) has lambaste the Guyana Government following the decision of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to remove the Third Test between West Indies and New Zealand from Guyana due to the implementation of the Cricket Administration Bill.

In a statement, the AFC noted that it had voted against the Cricket Administration Bill in the National Assembly last month and warned of the possible blacklisting, which has now become a reality.

“The Government’s insistence on interfering in the running of the game has forced the WICB to cancel the game that was scheduled to be played here. This is a dark time for cricket in Guyana,” the AFC noted.

“The WICB had made it clear that it will not tolerate interference by any Government in the running of cricket in the Region but the controlling nature of the PPPC and their belief in autocracy has forced this dark day upon us. By its cavalier attitude, the Government has shown a total lack of understanding of the significance and authority of regional and international organisations and bodies like WIBC and the ICC.”

The AFC believes that the decision by the WICB will have a demoralising effect on youths.

“The PPP government has dashed the dreams of many young people. This will have a long lasting effect not only on cricket in Guyana but also in the Region. The AFC’s position has now been wholly vindicated. The blacklisting of Guyana by the WICB is totally a result of the Guyana Government.”




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