Why the criticisms of only Nagamootoo and Ramjattan?


By The Piper

The PiperThe PPP is making a big strategic mistake by attacking only the AFC. If the PPP wants to win future elections it will only do so by getting (back) some votes lost to the AFC. The APNU base is basically unmovable.

To attack the AFC, therefore, is like declaring war on the very citizens you want to join you in a campaign for victory. Does the PPP leadership really believe that AFC supporters will come to them on account of slapping around the AFC (Berbice) leadership?

The Opposition has kept up an unrelenting attack on Prime Minister and First Vice-President Moses Nagamootoo (Naga) and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan. While a good deal of the criticisms are warranted, and should be kept up, others are more troublesome and need careful reflection.

The legitimate charges against the two former PPP stalwarts include breaching the Cummingsburg Accord, thus effectively handing over state power to APNU. President David Granger has apparently made some promises to rectify that situation and the nation now waits for the baby to be delivered. To date, however, the PPP is on reasonable grounds on that score. The more serious charge against Naga by the PPP concerns the massive interference in the state media, a portfolio that the Prime Minister has near absolute control. As a candidate, Naga had trashed the Guyana Chronicle as a rag, and in parliament voted with the APNU to starve NCN and GINA out of existence.

Moreover, upon assumption of high office, Naga also promised that the government would not interfere with the free press. The PPP is also on good grounds in criticising the about turn on that issue. All headlines in the Guyana Chronicle must now be cleared by a handpicked state operative working for the PM. That deserves severe criticism and the PPP is on the right track again.

As for Ramjattan, the criticism is mostly about the rising crime rate and about one measure, the Minister’s insistence on closing bars at 2:00 a.m. and threats to bring that forward to midnight. Criticism of crime rate in any country is fair game for an Opposition party and so the PPP can understandably get ways with that one.

What is not fair, however, is the constant criticism of the Prime Minister’s security details, renovations of the PM’s official residence, and the vehicles at his disposal. The man is the Prime Minister and the things named above are well within the boundaries of reasonable expectations. The current leader of the Opposition should recall similarly unfair attacks against his benefits. The time to stop the attacks is now.

It is clear that the PPP is only picking on the two persons named above. Not a single criticism has been made against the current President, who for all practical purposes, is standing back and enjoying the brutalization of the AFC. Jagdeo did make some points against Minister Jordan but these have quickly faded in the background. Raphael Trotman, the Minister of Governance is also ‘sporting’ while his AFC colleagues are being trashed. Why? That is the question that must be answered.

Freedom House needs to wake up. Here is a tip for the PPP – why not go after the $1.6 billion that is earmarked for improving Mandela Avenue, a one-mile roadway that needs very little improvement. I promise you that would be more productive than attacking Naga and Ramjattan. It would also be more in line with the functions of a responsible Opposition.




  1. Seems there are COIs going on every day but no missing billions have been found in 4 months. Millions being wasted by this govt on their extended election campaign. Someone needs to remind them election is over and time to do meaningful work.

  2. I have been living in the USA for the last 36 years and during that time i have never heard the administration of both Guyana and the USA criticized as much as the last 2 months. Jagdeo and his cohorts raped and pillaged Guyana for years and the silence from the so called media, with the exception of Lall, Kissoon, Benskop, Harris and maybe a few others,, was deafening and now all the so called experts knows everything that a government of three months, that inherited a hellhole left by the people that is now trying to second guess every decision they make while they clean up should do Jagdeo,s disaster has to be dealt with while the government,s dad to day functions are attended to and to have him sit there and criticize is galling and them all who were silent demanding everything from the govt is disapointing to say the least.

  3. Amen and well said Brother Njide! The efforts of the new Government must be experienced by all Guyanese and the stolen assets discovered and returned to the rightful owners the people.

  4. Mr. Piper you need to smell whatever it is you smoking in your pipe because it must be GREEN. the mandela ave road project was approved since 2014 or late 2013 and it is for far more than a mile long. it is for ruimveldt ave from EBD access road thru mandela ave and sheriff street it is will be a four lane road to connect the 4 lane on east bank to the one on the east coast but sadly the four lane will be only to duncan street because the business people of sheriff st objected strongly against the 4 lane extending thru sheriff st, something i hope this govt review and change. so mr. piper or whatever it is you call your self you should at least get your facts right before printing crap by the way did i mention the road project is funded by the IDB.
    The current crime wave will be arrested (though it nothing close to the early 2000’s) you have a bunch of armed henchmen with out work because their BOSSMAN ain’t got WUK for them because things getting tight de drug ain’t passing like before so their turning on us the unarmed citizen who have to depend on a corrupt and criminal police force for protection, YES! criminal police force as soon we start investigating the police force criminality we will see changes
    Lastly you should change the caption for this article to “Why is the PPP is only criticizing the INDIAN in the coalition govt”.

  5. It is such a mistake for anyone to mislead his or her self that it is only the PPP criticizing Nagamootoo and Ramjattan.

    These two have been given the role to spearhead the most insidious, nonsensical intial Ives of the Coalition and d people therefore have pointed to their stupidity as similar to that of the entire government.

    Aim the criticisms where they ought to be … too bad if and dl the criticisms implicates Nagamootoo and Ramjattan

  6. They are also attacking Bulkan…It speaks to reason…they see them as traitors..pure and simple..and therein rests the ideology of the leadership of the PPP, the others are simply window dressers. The Coalition Government has to seriously work for all Guyanese through fairness, transparency and accountability. a better life for all, free from greed, corruption and nepotism and let the chips fall where they may. But first before I take a selfie, they must ensure all stolen property be returned to the people of Guyana…including Red House.


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