“Who we gonna share we happiness with?” – family mourns loss of cane harvester

Deochand Lallchand
Deochand Lallchand

Family members of 62-year-old Deochand Lallchand, who was crushed to death by an excavator on Wednesday morning, are struggling to come to grips with the man’s untimely and harrowing demise.

“He was not a troublesome man, he was a peaceful man, he was cool. Anybody could tell you, he does not deserve to die to like that, for a man like him, because he was good, he was a good husband, a good father, a neighbour and good family to everybody,” the man’s son, Vishnu expressed during an interview with INews.

Lallchand was a father of five and grandfather of five. He had been working in the sugar industry for the past 20 years, three of which were spent with a private firm working on the Uitvlugt Estate.

Lallchand, who was the sole breadwinner of his family, was forced to seek alternate employment following the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate in 2016.

On the day in question, he was working at the Uitvlugt Estate backdam when he was run over and crushed by a excavator that was reversing.

“I received a call around 09:30h [saying] my father was run over by an excavator at Uitvlugt Backdam and he was very mashed up; he guts, he brains everything come out,” the son stated.

Describing the relationship between the now dead man and his family, Vishnu related that “the relationship was very loving, happy. If he be home, everybody does enjoy themself with him and now he’s gone, who we gonna share we happiness with? It just sad, painful for a loved one like him to gone.”

The excavator operator, a 44-year-old man, is currently in police custody as investigations continue.