“Where is the evidence?” – President addresses accusation of being a racist

President David Granger

By Fareeza Haniff

President David Granger.
President David Granger.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head of State, David Granger has described accusations of him being racist as “groundless and malicious,” noting that he has never been described as such in his life.

Reports surfaced recently of a US diplomatic cable of June 27, 1974, which stated that President Granger has a history of being an “anti-East Indian racist”. At that time, Granger was serving as a Major in the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

During his weekly appearance on the TV Programme – The Public Interest – the Head of State was asked directly by a journalist if he is a racist.

He responded: “Of course not…I’ve never been described as such, I don’t know who made that allegation; I don’t know what evidence he or she had but it’s completely groundless and even malicious to try to revive something that…you know, that somebody somewhere said over 40 years ago. Where is the evidence?”

The President further noted that he is more disappointed in the Editor who chose to publish such an accusation about a Head of State, without any evidence.

“I’ve never been described as such in my entire life. I was astonished to read it and ashamed that any editor would publish such nonsense about a Head of State without even seeking to provide some evidence that there was some truth to it,” the President said.

He further noted, “ I mean, I’m not so much disappointed in the United States person who supposedly said it; I am disappointed in the Editor who exercised poor judgment in putting that type of information about a Head of State in the newspaper.”

When the story first came to the forefront, newly minted US Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway was questioned by iNews on November 16 about the allegation and he stated that “the one comment which was referring to his reputation, we did not call him that – we referred to his reputation if you read very carefully.”

According to Holloway, the cable does not reflect his own personal view of the Guyanese President having met him a few times since arriving in Guyana on September 24, 2015.

“It does not reflect my own personal observation in interactions with the President nor does it reflect what he has been saying in public and doing in public as part of the coalition government,” he stated.




  1. You an A..than I am almost certain that you have never been to sophia.For your info the big businessmen on sophia are Indians Amerindians live there and other mix races too.i live there so I am speaking from apoint of view of knowledge and not a racist like you.

  2. Is the us put him there and the same people is putting shame on his face so don’t cry fowl he love it and make a big issue before 11 of may so there is a old saying banwarri say bear your chave

  3. So what if his wife is Chinese, she could be Indian it doesn’t matter, he is a politician and will continue to lie to the Guyanese people all you who are supporting this monkey will feel like a fool when it comes out to the light

  4. Many of his critics are looking only at his victory on May 11 not at the man he is,All Guyanese have to realize politics is a nasty game,if we all THINK GUYANESE and live GUYANESE We all will have a better life,GOD BLESS ALL GUYANESE,,,,

  5. GOD BLESS you and family Omar, Guyana is for everyone we are all Guyanese, Until many wake up to reality nothing not much will change,

  6. I believe,whoever mentioned that President Granger is a racist,has to be blind or MAD.His wife most likely would have been of the same ethnicity.How stupid and naïve some people can become?living in a fool`s paradise.

  7. For 23 years the PPP government selectively and unashamedly developed certain areas in Guyana and deliberately and maliciously targeted others for the most hostile degradation policies in the country. Because of those policies there are some areas that could be easily distinguished as needing more development than others. It is sad that the previous government saw two Guyanas, Indian Guyana and African Guyana. This administration is trying so hard not to be viewed as the ppp administration was that they are not doing as much for the underserved communities, but you push your drivel about street lights?. The PPP administration starved the Capitlal city of funding to the extent that it was reduced to a slum city, then your administration put Carol Sooba there to finish the destruction, they starved the only university of funding until the standard of education there is equivalent to a high school. Please take a hard look at where Guyana was under the previous administration, which i am assuming that you supported, Listen to Jagdeo , whom i assume you supported, then listen to yourself and then tell us all if you are not a typical Guyanese racist who is not intelligent enough to realize that you were also abused by the ppp who you support.

  8. Evidence is staring you in the face ever since you forcefully took office.Some may pretend to be blind but in reality they just waiting on the right time to vent their frustration.

  9. “Where is the evidence?” – President addresses accusation of being a racist
    PNC is founded and formed on racism.

  10. I wish that piece of trash you are repeating was true. It would have only been karma living up to her reputation as a bxxxch, and paying back Jagdeo for his vindictive marginalization of the communities of New Amsterdam and Linden for their perceived alignment to the PNC. Guyana is for all Guyanese. The so called East indians living in Guyana know only too well what is entitlement, they should have learnt first the meaning of patriotism.

  11. He was an anti-East Indian racist because he aided and abetted the anti-East Indian Burnham dictatorship which discriminated against Indians wantonly, barefacedly, unapologetically.

    I want him to tell us why they removed street lights from Indian areas in Berbice and installed new street lights in Sophia, a black area.

  12. ” I am disappointed in the Editor who exercised poor judgment in putting that type of information about a Head of State in the newspaper.”…… Mr. President stop acting as a director!!! Press has freedom of expression. The story is not manufactured it is about you and from the diplomatic cables.
    Guyana is feeling discrimination against people of East Indian origin. They are selectively targeted and discriminated openly. You have not changed and it is true that people grow old but you can’t change the genetics.
    Don’t tell that it is accusation and ask for proof. Your actions says what you are and we have seen you then and now.


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