“When we deliver services, we deliver services equally” – PM Hinds

Education Minister Priya Manickchand poses with two Primary School Students
Education Minister Priya Manickchand poses with two Primary School Students

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Parents of primary schools in Georgetown today turned out in large numbers to uplift their ‘Because we Care’ vouchers at the National Park. 

Seven schools were serviced at the National park today making it the largest of the eleven distribution centers setup to serve parents in the city and it’s immediate environs. Among the schools at a national Park were: Stella Maris Primary, St. Margaret’s Primary, North Georgetown Primary, Winfer Gardens Primary, St. Angela’s Primary, St. Agnes Primary, David Rose for the H/capped. 

Approximately 8,315 persons were expected to have been serviced at the ten other distribution sites which included: Sophia Primary, Graham’s Hall Primary, St. Gabriel’s Primary, St. Ambrose Primary, West Ruimveldt Primary, Dolphin Secondary, St. Pius Primary, F. E. Pollard Primary, Rama Krishna Primary, Enterprise Primary. 

Approximately $128M was distributed today.  


Honorable Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds in his address to the parents at the National Park  said that such national programmes like the ‘Because we Care’ Cash Grant is sigh of the Government’s commitment to our children and their education. He added that ” education is the way of advancing our nation as a whole…” The Prime Minister use this forum to encourage parents to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and sacrifices where necessary to help their children to take full advantage of the education provided to them by the government. 

Prime Minister Hinds added that the government continues to spend a significant portion of the annual national budget on education services, supply of books, teacher training, information technology, access to education, and new programmes to provide assistance to parents to help them get  their children to school. 

In closing, Mr. Hinds admonished the gathering to view the ‘Because we Care’ Cash Grant initiative as one that has harmonizing effects. His statement was in response to the negative views expressed by some sections about the amount of taxes collected. The Prime Minister said, “those who are better-off pay relatively more taxes… when we deliver services, we deliver services equally such as, this one…delivering the same amount of money to every child all across the country…”

Distribution of the ‘Because we Care’ $10,000 grant vouchers will continue in Region 6 on Sunday, October 26. Approximately $19M is expected to be distributed to parents there. 




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