Well drilling begins at Lusignan


The drilling of a new well has commenced at Lusignan on the East Coast of Demerara by S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies & Construction Services and it is GWI’s hope to attain a 920 feet depth for the well.

Technical officials of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) recently met with officials of the Mon Repos La – Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) to update them on the exercise.

GWI’s Executive Director of Operations, Jawaharlall Ramjug explained that there was a delay in the commencement of drilling as a result of challenges encountered in shipping the materials to Guyana due to the ongoing pandemic.

NDC Chairman (Ag), Mr. Jagroop expressed gratitude that the well drilling will commence shortly. He also conveyed his hope that drilling will be completed within the specified timeframe.

The NDC team was informed that residents within close proximity of the well drilling site, which is the compound of the previous well, will from time to time experience noise associated with well drilling.

GWI is therefore seeking the patience and understanding of the residents in this regard as the company works to ensure the community of Lusignan has the best water supply possible.

The Lusignan well had collapsed earlier this year and numerous attempts were made to conduct repairs but to no avail. Therefore, a decision was made to drill a new well in the community to restore normalcy to the water supply for residents.

GWI’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaik Baksh had met with both residents and councilors of the NDC to discuss the company’s plans for the new well and to address any concerns.

Since the collapse of the well, alternative arrangements were implemented to provide a steady level of service to residents of Lusignan. This included channeling water from the Friendship Water Treatment Plant to provide residents with 10 hours of water supply daily.

Additionally, extensive leak repair works were done within the community to further improve the water pressure. [Extracted and Modified from DPI]