Welder found dead in car was recently threatened – family member


The body of a Corentyne welder was on Wednesday morning discovered in the backseat of his car on a dam in the cultivation area at Letter Kenny, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Dead is 25-year-old Joshua Hardatt of Bloomfield Village.

The body had what appeared to be a wound to the neck.

The discovery of the car on the lonely dam at Letter Kenny, Corentyne, about 400 meters into the rice cultivation area was made at around 08:00h, as persons were making their way to work.

The car was locked and police were able to get it opened after a few hours of trying. Hardatt was lying face down in the back seat with what appeared to be a wound to the back of his neck.

Hardatt had left home the evening before.

His mother, Lalita Hardatt who could not hold back her emotions said it was unusual for him to stay out all night, explaining that it was at about 19:00h that he left home promising to return in two hours.

“So after 9 O’clock I started to call him on his phone and it turn off. I see that he was not online but I still tried calling and I keep calling until 11 O’clock. At 11 O’clock a girl called me and she asked for him. I told her that he was not at home and asked what she wanted. She said that he has to do some work for her. She said she is from Albion. She tell me to let him call her when he come home,” the woman related.

His mother said it was only a few days prior that her son told her that he was threatened by a man who was released from prison on Saturday.

“Sunday night he went out and drink and when he come home he tell me that [mentioned name] what to knock him with a hammer and kill him,” the woman said.

Referring to the man, she said her son claimed he had made threats at him. According to the woman the man and her son once worked together.

Police are looking for a person of interest as they continue their investigations.