“We are not here to criticize or make judgements” – UNASUR observer team

Dr Domingo Paredes flanked by other members of the mission.

By Jomo Paul 

Dr Domingo Paredes flanked by other members of the mission.
Dr Domingo Paredes flanked by other members of the mission. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Electoral Observer Mission of the United South American Nations (UNASUR) has made it clear that they will not be partaking in Guyana’s electoral process in any way that will see demands being made for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and other stakeholders to implement projects.

According to Special Representative, Dr. Domingo Paredes the electoral team was sent following an invitation from the government and will be observing elections in four key regions – a step up from 2011 when it only observed elections in three regions.

Paredes told a news conference on Sunday, May 10 that the voting process will be observed in Region 3 at Parika, Region 4; Region 6 and Region ten. These four regions are generally seen as polarized towards specific political parties with the exception of Region 4 which is seen as a mixed base of political advocates.

He pointed out that the team in 2011 would have made some recommendations to deal with issues in the districts that it previously observed and will therefore be returning to those districts to see what steps have been taken to implement changes, if any.

“We want to observe if the technical aspects have improved…We are not here to criticize or make judgement,” said Dr Paredes.

He said that the team wishes for the report that it makes which contains recommendation to be implemented “to help better democracy and stabilise democracy.”

He noted too that the Observer Mission would like to see a general atmosphere of “serenity and peace” when Guyanese head to the polls on Monday.

“Respect the lawful results and exercise all legal means in case of dissatisfaction with any political parties to clear up any…they may have,” he urged.



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