“We are not going to dissolve the sugar industry” – Granger


By Jomo Paul

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Candidate for the APNU+AFC coalition, David Granger says they have no plans to put a halt to Guyana’s sugar industry if voted into office.

Granger responding to questions about the coalition’s plans for the sector should it be voted into office come May 11,made it clear that the APNU/AFC will not “dissolve” Guyana’s sugar industry but rather would like to see a turn – around plan for the future of sugar.

The Presidential candidate pointed out that one of the plans for the Guyana Sugar Company (GuySuCo) is the reconstitution of the Board, making it less political. Granger said too that one of the basic problems affecting GuySuCo would be that of labour turn out.

“There is no quick fix…it is too big to fail,” he said adding “we don’t want to pump billions of dollars into an industry that is badly managed.”

He explained that a possible solution would see more of the production aspect of GuySuCo being privately managed. This however would have no immediate impact on the jobs of sugar workers, Granger assured.

“We are not going to throw the sugar industry through the window,” the Presidential Candidate told reporters.