Walter Rodney’s COI set to commence today

Commissioners of the Rodney COI.

[] – The Commission of Inquiry into the assassination of Walter Rodney, is set to commence today, Monday April 28 at the Supreme Court.

In this regard, the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is urging all Guyanese who have evidence and whatever information at their disposal to boldly come forward and provide same to the Commission.

Commissioners of the Rodney COI.
Commissioners of the Rodney COI.

In a statement, the PPP noted, “The Party feels encouraged by the decision taken by key leaders of the WPA, the Trade Union Congress as well as other interest groups both at home and abroad to participate in the work of the Commission.”

The Party further added, “It has not however escaped the attention of the PPP that the PNC has opted not to appear before the Commission. This is indeed disappointing though not surprising given the obvious discomfort the PNC has firstly, with the setting up of the Commission and secondly with the Terms of Reference of the Commission, more particularly Article 4 which sought to ‘ specifically examine the role, if any, which army officer Gregory Smith, played in Rodney’s death and if so to enquire into who may have ‘counseled, procured, aided and or abetted him to do including facilitating his departure from Guyana after Rodney’s death.’ It would appear that this particular aspect of the Inquiry has touched a raw nerve as far as the PNC is concerned and could possibly unearth information and facts that the PNC would have preferred to have buried under the sand.”

The PPP is hopeful that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry would heal the wounds of a past period in history when fear, terror and darkness prevailed over the land.

“Contrary to what the PNC and its Leader David Granger may wish to project, the brutality and oppression which obtained at the time of Rodney’s death stands in sharp contrast to what obtains today, one in which there is complete freedom of expression and respect for the constitutional and democratic rights of all Guyanese.”

According to the Party, “Mr. Granger seems to be afraid to go under cross examination at the COI knowing that Rodney’s assassination was during his 43 years in the PNC.”




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