Versatile radio personality Amar Ramessar inducted as Honorary Member of ACIC

The President General and Board of Trustees of Guyana’s leading and most recognised Muslim institution, Anna Catherina Islamic Complex AA (ACIC) (recipient of  Guyana’s national Award—the Golden Arrow of Achievement), on Sunday last officially conferred honorary membership to the ACIC -the center of Muslim Global cooperation in Guyana, to the versatile Radio personality/Indian Culturist, Amar Ramessar.
Honorary Membership to ACIC was initiated in 2010 and the first person inducted was Former Prime Minister of Guyana Samuel Hinds and the list includes current President of Guyana, David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. In addition, the list includes a Christian Pastor and a Hindu Pandit, as well as persons from more than ten different countries, both Muslims and Non-Muslims. It serves to give persons who have made ACIC close to their heart, the ability to feel and actually be part of this center of cultural Islam.
The Membership award was presented at last Sunday’s International Eid Fest Program 2016 by Hon. Minister of Social Cohesion, Mrs. Amna Ally (herself an Honorary Member of ACIC) who made the presentation to Ramessar. She welcomed Amar as a member of ACIC and thanked him for his support given to this dynamic centre over the years. The award comes with full rights and privileges to the Complex.
Honorary Membership to ACIC - Amar Ramessar receiving his membership from Minister Amna Ally  ... ly (also Honorary Member of ACIC
Honorary Membership to ACIC – Amar Ramessar receiving his certificate of membership from Minister Amna Ally (also Honorary Member of ACIC)

A clearly overwhelmed Ramessar, express his immense gratitude to the ACIC for this gesture and promised to continue to support the Complex and its activities in every manner.

According to a statement from ACIC Public Relations Executive, Reyaz Hussein, the Full List of Honorary Members are:
Samuel Hinds, Imam Husman Bacchus (USA), Al Haj Djameel Ashruf (Suriname), Al Haj Yacoob Ally (T&T), Mufti Ghulam Ahmed Chishti (Pakistan), Maulana Junaid Ahmad (India), Mohamed & Feroze Ali (Berbice), Regis Prevot (USA),Shaikh Faisal Hamid Abdur Razack (Canada), Jameer Hoosein (T & T), Mohan Nandu, Hadji Abdul Basheer Khudabux (Suriname), Farouk & B.A. Amin, Al Haj Kamaludeen Ghanny (T&T), Shazard Ali (T&T), Jameel Hoosein (T&T), Hajji Omar Farouk (Canada), Vinod  & Geeta Bisram (USA), Anil M. Nandlall, David Granger, Jamaludeen & Shireen Mohamed, Hadji Sarafat Ally (Sur), Hadji Mahmood Ghafoer (Sur), Hafiz Abdur Rahim (Bangladesh), Ameer & Jamela Ali (Canada), Hakeem Mohamed (wakenaam), Maulana Zain al Akhtab Siddiqi (UK), Shaikh Esa Henderson (UK), Al Haj Imdad & Nazmoon Housein (Canada), Roy Razak (Canada), Mohamed Haniff (Canada), Hajji / Imam Ahmad Hoosein (T&T), Mufti Mohammad Asrarul Haque (India), Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohamed (T&T), Imtiaz Edoo (T&T), Hadji Abdus Sattar Yanki (Holland), Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Williams, Imam Haleem Khan-Noel, Raheema Rahaman,
Pastor Ronald Mc Garrell, Pandit Deodatt M. Tillack, Abdool Imtiaz K. Azeez (Toeze), Wazir Shariff (Canada), Fazal Ally (G/Town), Shahiba Ali (Canada), Roshan Khan, Fyaad Mohamed (ECD), Terry Gajraj (USA), Moses V. Nagamootoo, Mrs. Amna Ally, Shaikh Huzaimah Akhtar (UK), Shaikh Yasar Malik (UK), Lance Carberry, Dr. A. Abdel Bari, A.K. Chatterjee (India) and Amar Ramessar


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