Venezuelan national critical after struck by motorcycle


A Venezuelan national is now critical after he allegedly walked into the path of a motorcycle as he was attempting to cross the Brooms Estate Public Road, North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini).

Police Headquarters said the accident occurred at about 09:30h on Wednesday. The driver of motorcycle CH-4040, Sherwin Smith, 43, of Kumaka Water Front, North West District, told police that he was proceeding south along the eastern side of Brooms Estate Public Road.

He descended a hill and then proceeded south approximately 20 metres away from a group of persons who were walking on the southern side of the said road when Zantoya Maroue, a Venezuelan aged 39, made an attempt to cross the road.

Upon seeing the man, Smith claimed, he pulled to his right so as to avoid a collision, but despite his efforts, the pedestrian walked into the path of his motorcycle, and as a result he lost control and fell onto the road, causing them both to receive injuries about their bodies.

The motorcyclist and the pedestrian were picked up by public-spirited citizens and taken to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital.

According to Police, the driver was treated for minor injuries and sent away, while the pedestrian was admitted as a patient at the medical facility. He was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further medical attention. An investigation has been launched.