Venezuela refused to sell Guyana fuel – Nagamotoo tells Mexico Summit

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

[]Venezuela has imposed a trade embargo on Guyana, refusing to buy rice and refusing to sell fuel to Guyana, says Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Nagamootoo made the revelation at the Open Government Partnership 2015 Global Summit in Mexico where he updated world leaders on Guyana’s territorial controversy with neighbouring Venezuela.

“Venezuela has sought to reassert a false claim to five eights of Guyana which includes all of our vast forest and mineral resources as well as our exclusive maritime zone. Venezuela has imposed a trade embargo against Guyana, refusing to buy our rice or to sell us fuel,” said the Prime Minister.

He stated too that Venezuela has also sought to block oil exploration off Guyana’s coast and gold extraction in our own territory, all in clear violation of international law and treaty obligations.

“Guyana claims territory from no one. Guyana does not imprison political opponents or practice blackmail or bullying diplomacy. We seek to be part of a community of nations that respect the rule of law and to align with transformative movements like OGP,” he said drawing a comparison between the two states.

While Guyana has reported a significant discovery of oil, that area is now the subject of the intense controversy with Venezuela.



  1. This is rubbish from Nagamootoo. Venezuela simply ended their preferential trade deal with Guyana wherein rice was being bartered as partial payment for the petrol supplied under the ill fated Petro Caribe deal.

    They chose to source their rice from Suriname which is their preference as they can trade with whomever they wish under the rules of GATT and the successor WTO arrangements. Secondly, we are still welcome to purchase their petrol but at fair market prices and on a cash basis as the world knows that the depressed global prices for oil is having a negative effect upon the local Venezuelan economy.

    It is an untruth to accuse them as having a trade embargo against Guyana of all things. Obviously, Nagamootoo has been ill advised, poorly briefed or at best a simpleton by all credible measures.

  2. Very obvious that you are either “liar man” Nagamotoo or one of his family members. Also, you are one of the beneficiaries of his betrayal.

  3. This is the most uninformed and disrespectful pack of bloggers around.
    Not having a valid argument to back a point most resort to personal attacks
    They are pathetic and would cause readers to not visit this page.

  4. This man has no shame to call himself the prime minister of Guyana! When Naga and Rum Jattan was part of the PPP, Janet realized these fools will sink Guyana just like the Titanic went under the ocean because 1) their education level is low! 2) The have no economic or business skills and 3) they have no management skills. A good CEO for a company brings fresh idea, boost economic values and create more jobs WHILE having people skills! I do not see anyone on this administration have any of these skills. All you can see on the everyday news is blame games! This is because their EGO is bigger than their dunce head full with an empty skull!

  5. Nagamootoo should recall when he was with the ppp/c he like duck curry that dr .jagan mother cook and one day he went to have some ,but his mother said no no that’s not for you my son have to get that fish cook for you eat that naga mouth get long that’s the man life like nice thing ,but vex when he can’t get it fox try to get the grape when he can’t get it he said the grape sour he try to do big work in. ppp/c ,but never meet the job that he was doing

  6. Granger lie to u.n about guyana that the people in georgetown ,so he sent his joker to mexico to tell more lies shame shame -all people not understand / all fool come A .P
    .N.U/A.F.C read the meaning and start thinking them lie them lie them lie

  7. You are so dumb and weak,that you could never have been the Ramadin most Guyanese know as a bowler in the former WI cricket team.I get the impression that you would allow anybody to come in your house if you have one,to buss yoh tail,and throw you out.A mango and not a man.

  8. If Maduro is not MAD,something`s wrong with me.By the way,the first three letters of his name indicate that he is.It would be he and his nation who may starve.I believe,we have alternative countries who are not only willing to buy our rice,but also to sell us fuel,though it may be at a hire price,we must survive.He even isn`t sure of winning the next election.He seems to be aided and abetted by someone or a group of people who would never be in control of our oil,when it starts to flow.

  9. It’s blaa blaa till you left with more nonsence to talk than good he just love to cut guyana and full his pocket

  10. I do not support the APNU/AFC, more especially owing the methodology used in the regime change strategy employed by the powers that be. But I must say this, the position articulated by the Prime Minister of Guyana is a good tactic, not strategy. I do not read it as one intending to draw empathy, but rather to capture immediate attention of the players in attendance; lay the ground work for the UN General Secretary to act. If this is fused together a valid position of the Opposition Leader to engage and make an offer as he defined it will enhance the opportunity to begin the process for the emergence of a strategic solution in the chess game…. our current President is a good chess player….

  11. I don’t agree with that name,there are very good young people who have vast knowledge,the Presidential Advisers know this people,they are intentionally hiding them away from the Presidency so they can keep looking good.while they turn around to tape knowledge of this the younger once have become wiser.they are all up empty

  12. Let me get this you think you would go to a venezuelan friendly country,then insult there arlie and that helps i said until they get people who know what to do,they would keep wasting there time making a fool of themself and the country,for your info the international arena is not local politics were you can cuss up,there are big implication any time you make a fool of yourself.i can tell you that a phone call from venezuela would end a rice deal in mexico if they were planing to buy just because of the reckless statements you have made before them.

  13. This Chamar Naga did practice blackmail and bullyism in our own Parliament when the Budget was debated.He cut the Opposition time and called our Leader a Bully.This man don’t have shame.

  14. The APNU/AFC coalition has failed Guyana miserably at diplomacy. This is not the way to get sympathy and support from other nations. Mexico and Venezuela both speak Spanish and they have historical bonds. Nagamootoo is a miserable “diplomat”. The PNC, I guess, still have access to those who are well trained in this field like Aubrey Norton. Give Aubrey a job and let the Newspaper Prime Minister stay home.

  15. Mexico and Venezuela have excellent diplomatic relationship. The citizens of both countries speak the same language, Spanish. They have more in common with each other both culturally and historically than Guyana has with either. To go to Mexico and speak ill of one of its closest allies is just like “bad talking” one friend Infront of another. Moses lacking that diplomatic decorum opened his big mouth there, thinking that he is in Guyana and hoping that someone would listen. He has done more damage by accusing Venezuela of imposing a trade embargo against Guyana. Guyana has just lost a sympathetic ear and handed Venezuela a diplomatic victory

  16. What that rascal should have told the summit was the rascality they employed to get into power and their rape of the ’empty’ treasury of Guyana as soon as they got into power.

  17. Mr atta that is called speaking up even if venezuela and Mexico has military ties guyana has got use every international forum to inform the world of venezuela greedy intentions

  18. I still cannot believe anything that “Scamp Man” Nagamotoo says. In fact, based on the recent betrayal of Guyanese by this present government, anything they say has to be forensically examined.

  19. you went for rice, then you ended up going there to insult venezula, please tell me do you have a security report on the relationship between Mexico and Venezuela before you went to speak, if not you may as well have gone to look for trouble in mexico. like I have maintain you people know nothing about foreign relations and international diplomacy

  20. you went for rice, then you ended you going there to insult venezula, please tell me do you have a security report on the relationship between Mexico and Venezuela before you went to speak, if not you may as well have gone to look for trouble in mexico. like I have maintain you people know nothing about foreign relations and international diplomacy


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