Venezuela defends deployment of armed forces close to Guyana’s border



Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez and President Nicolas Maduro
Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez and President Nicolas Maduro

[Reuters] -Venezuela said Tuesday it is conducting military exercises in the eastern part of the country, a move neighboring Guyana denounced as an “extraordinary escalation” of an ongoing border dispute.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said the troop buildup, which Guyana had noticed with concern, was an “operational deployment exercise.”

He said Venezuelans could rest assured “because we are really preparing ourselves … even with all the fronts we face today,” alluding to simultaneous border tensions with Guyana and Colombia.

Guyana’s President David Granger said his cabinet was meeting with military and police chiefs to craft a response to Venezuela’s movement of naval vessels and ground forces in the area.

Venezuela has been pressing claims to Guyana’s Essequibo region, which encompasses two-thirds of the former British colony, since Exxon Mobil discovered oil in disputed waters off its coast earlier this year.

“We feel that Venezuela is treading a dangerous course at this point in time rather than seeking a peaceful resolution of the matter,” Granger told reporters.

“Venezuela seems to be pursuing a very offensive and aggressive course,” he added.

Buk_venezuela2-960x640“What we have noticed during the month of September is an extraordinary escalation of Venezuelan military activity in eastern Venezuela,” said the retired brigadier.

Calling the military build-up “very provocative,” he said he would be raising the issue in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly next week.

Granger had said previously he will tell UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that Guyana is no longer interested in continuing a 23-year old mediation process, which Venezuela wants to revive.

Granger instead wants the International Court of Justice in the Hague to settle the border dispute.

Guyana maintains that valid land borders were set in an 1899 arbitration court decision, a ruling Venezuela has never recognized.

President of Guyana, David Granger
President of Guyana, David Granger

The latest round of recriminations followed Exxon Mobil’s announcement May 20 it had made a significant oil discovery in an offshore concession granted by Georgetown.

Venezuela countered by unilaterally extending its maritime boundaries to include waters off the Essequibo region.

The tensions lately have been overshadowed by a month-long crisis on Venezuela’s western border, which saw thousands of Colombians flee the country amid a government crackdown on migrants and smuggling.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos agreed Monday to restore diplomatic contacts and work out their differences.





  1. You are so right I did not or could never support them. Those scoundrels sucked the life blood out of the poor and underclass of our country getting rich and fat in the process . Be honest brother those ppp scamps drained the country. I did not and could not support them .

  2. Like you want to line up whole day and whole night for toilet paper, cooking oil, flour, bread etc. Venezuela has the highest murder rate in the world. It has hyperinflation. Soon one billion Bolivars can’t buy a box of matches. Who knows it, feels it.

  3. Anthony this is what happens when more than half of the population don’t support a Government. Understandably these individuals sees this Government as defacto.

    They strongly believe that the May 11th elections were fixed in favour of the Colation. If a recount was granted most likely the PPP/C would have won.

    If this Colation is confident of a win then they should have no objection with the PPP/C request for a recount.

  4. veronika barbieri please be reminded that you aren’t in the Stabrook fish market. Please be guided accordingly. You are blogging on a respectable site. Thanks.

  5. Reynaldo I am hoping you realized that this mistake is detrimental to Guyana. In the next election please do the right thing and vote PPP/C. You know it’s the only way forward.

  6. claudeston messiah why are you insinuating that these bloggers are racist? They are only expressing their opinions. If you stop thinking that all of them are racist just because they don’t support this de facto Government then this world would be a better place.

    You did not support the duly elected PPP/C government however I don’t recall anyone calling you a racist.

  7. The rightful annexation of Essequibo by Venezuela would be most welcome by most of us Essequibians especially those involved in agriculture . A ready market and avenues for wealth generation awaits us.

    This illegitimate PNC/ AFC is fighting against a legitmate cause and I hope that the mighty army of Venezuela get rid of this useless entity called the GDF.

  8. Veronica I am sure u don’t live in Essequibo. The oil is in Essequibo where the 2 government is fighting for but tell me how is Guyana leader is different from the Venezuelan leader. The leader of Guyana want the oil from the region but that it the only thing he want from region 2 our natural resource but he has no plans of developing that region. 90% of the resident in region 2 are rice farmers so tell me Veronica what plan does the leader has for the rice industry?. As I say earlier you have to live in a region before you can talk about it. I was a born PPP but last election I did made a change for this present government but it was a big mistake. Look at the news tonight the farmer in region 2 is picketing again for their past crop money from the miller, where is the leader no interest in the farmers but he just want the region wealth so that make him a thief also.

  9. If you do not live in Guyana, I applaud your ignorance. If you do then I pity you. It appears as if you believe that the Venezuelans would spare you. Spear indeed.

  10. Don’t wash your mouths dissing your president… You have no patriotism and would no sooner jump ship and side like the traitors you are… Money and corruption are all you worship and like your PPP compatriots you will sell your a**** to the highest bidders, so best get your visas or back track and f*** Off,

  11. It is so sad that even when faced with as common enemy you racist mentally warped traitors cannot see pass your nose. Do you really think if perchance the Venezuelans invade Guyana they will spare ppp supporters. Do you think they will care a rats ass about you people. No one trusts a traitor if you can turn on your country what wont you do to them.

  12. Why is Guyana fighting for Essequibo? Government comes and go and no one of them doing anything for that region. Essequibo don’t even have Internet or phone. So I guess if vz take out over we will get better price for our rice and proper phone and Internet. So u people who don’t live in Essequibo just shut up because u don’t know the hardship we are facing here. So Venezuela please take our region over

  13. This joker Granger should send the useless soldiers of this financial burden called the GDF as mincemeat for the Venezuelans. As a tax payer, i am fed up having to bear the burden of the existence of these useless persons. Once the Venezuelans get rid of them, we would also experience an immediate drop in armed robberies by them and those to whom their guns are loaned everyday .

    As a consequence , GECOM would lose one of its partner who was invloved in the rigging of elections.

    We shall always remember that day in 1973 when the two young PYO members were shot by the GDF at that the Corentyne polling station , dumped into a GDF vehicle in which they bled to death while these useless soldiers move from one polling station to the next , stealing ballot boxes.

    The so callled 1899 Arbitration was a farce. It was a classice case of the mightty Imperial Brittania bullying a flegling Venezuelan Republic.

    In 2015 , Maduro should not allow the US and the UK to install a Puppet government in Venezuela as they did in Guyana.

    Venezuela has a right to self determination as much as the US and thwe UK . Long live the Bolivarian Republic.

    President Maduro’s action is legitimate against this illegitimate government installed in Guyana.


  14. The bai want vz alone get oil he name want Guyana get up d ladder .. He want all fo he self ..y he don’t fight with Trinidad .. He eye pass Guyana

  15. There is nothing to worry about my fellow Guyanese. This is all BS what Maduro is doing, he is desperately trying to divert attention from the Political and Social problems he is encountering at home so he is a desperate man at this time. As desperate times call for desperate measures, no one in the World will ever, I repeat no one in the world will ever tolerate Military Action between Guyana and these bullies in Venezuela. It is all a show of absolutely high class non sense.

  16. granger looks lost….note to the current government please sent GDF at the border they are Guyana pride according to our de facto government. in the 1970’s a border to defend Guyana and that I believe half of GDF ran home call in sick I hope the history does not repeat itself. Guyana great GDF should go to the border after all they are being stated as Guyana brave . not sending them will show weakness on Guyana part . take control GDF SUPPORT GRANGER after all you voted in favor of his great leadership . you voted in favor of changed not defend it defend our great leader Granger . stand with him for fight Venezuela show them that Guyana his an elite army or something that looks like an army . go on my boys fight for Guyana . I am behind you …that is way way way way behind.


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