Vagrants arrested for robbing Brazilian miner in Bartica


Police have arrested two vagrants in connection with the robbery committed on 62-year-old Paulino DeJesus, a Brazilian miner in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

In a statement this morning, Police Headquarters revealed that the miner reported that he went to bed on Monday night and woke up this morning when he realised he was robbed.

He was at the time staying at the Sheriff Inn Hotel located at Second Street, Bartica. The missing items included his passport, some documents, $30,000 cash and 320 grams of raw gold missing.

Police had also stated that the stolen items are estimated to be valued over $3.2 million.

INews understands that the miner was robbed before he returned to the Hotel.

According to a source, the victim was imbibing at a nearby shop and as he was making his way to the Hotel, he was robbed.

INews was further told that after the two men were arrested, the stolen documents were found in their possession; the cash and gold remain missing.

This publication further understands that the stolen gold is actually valued some $500,000 and not $3.2M as previously revealed by the police.

Meanwhile, police are hunting for a third suspect in relation to the robbery.