US to aid Guyana in crime fight

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[] – The United States of America (USA) is set to play a major role alongside local law enforcement agencies as the government of Guyana looks at a comprehensive way to tackle the scourge of crime which has gripped the society.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon confirmed that the State will be receiving aid from the US in the form of training sessions and capacity enhancement initiatives.

“We are receiving help, international help…there is a training programme going on now with the police, with some foreign law enforcement agencies, that are assisting in the training and capacity building of the police force and crime scene investigations and matters of that nature,” said Harmon.

In the 2015 Fiscal Budget, the Ministry of Public Security was allocated a total of $12 billion to strengthen and improve national security services in the country.

Additionally, the government is fine-tuning a comprehensive Public Security Plan, in which emphasis is to be placed on combating crime; regaining trust of the police force; improving police investigative capabilities by rebuilding an efficient and effective criminal intelligence system and the Criminal Investigation Department; improving recruitment standards and training by revitalizing the Cadetship Scheme; counteracting human, drugs and arms trafficking; and acquiring vehicles and equipment for modern policing to fight banditry, piracy, terrorism and other violent crimes.

A total of $11.9B will be expended to support the operations of the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Prison Service, Guyana Fire Service, and the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) and $9.1B is budgeted for the Guyana Defence Force.

The government also revealed that it will establish a command centre to enhance crime response capabilities, resuscitation of CCTV feeds within the Georgetown to Timehri environs and improvement in 911 services countrywide.



  1. you are right on the nose Ram jattan don’t know how o fight crime . he cant see because he have cocked eyed . when rohee was minister he was doing a good job no they don’t have any idea and are willing t ask USA to take over the crime situation then they will take over Guyana and make Guyana the 53 state and have a war with Venezuela ..this govt is rotten. soldier bai take care of your health. .

  2. Granger encouraged crime.Now that the situation is getting out of controlled he is seeking help.small crime leads to bigger crime .Is he not smart enough to comprehend that.Now his blind followers seek to call outspoken individuals idiot.

  3. Any help would be gratefully received and the first thing would be for all those police who wish to remain on the job be re-interviewed for their posts. Then raise the educational attainment for recruitment much higher as giving posts to those who are barely literate will not do… Also, increase salaries to prevent corruption. Then give on going training and development using US/UK methods and hopefully a reduction in crime should take place.. Finally, stop blaming new government for spike in crime as it flourished under PPP and will take new initiatives to assist in turning the tide…

  4. They need to weed out the criminals from the police force and the GDF first, then you will see the crime rate drop. Let’s hope the assistance from the USA helps to identify these internal criminals first.

  5. Many of you PPP touts only blog BULL, none of you are willing to serve in any of the security forces. You all were issued with license firearms under your glory government,all you do with those firearms is hand them to the criminals when you are victims,look at who is serving,Shawn Hinds is a perfect example. And look at the thanks he got from his masters, In 92 the call for you ppl to join was echoed and what happen. You ppl too scared to protect your own,,,that is one of the many problems killing Guyanese,many of you think only one nation must protect you serve”

  6. Shawn hinds is suffering from ATTENTION Deficit, what he was not thought have him in the SHIT PIT he all alone in,,,,this guy is a true house slave ,,,,massa chase he out of freedom ouse,,and he lying nuff,,

  7. I respect your right to disagree and must commend you for not using insulting language or name calling as many bloggers do whenever they are responding to others. Crime and criminality have been around indeed but if you have been following the daily reports of robbery under arms- most if not all of them ended in death- break and enter, snatching from the person,as well as the findings of prominent persons and organisations in and out of the administration, you would probably have a different perspective of the level of crime in the country. When a sovereign country accepts outside help in order to bring the crime situation under control, then this confirms that the level of crime IS cause for concern.

  8. It begs the question, “who or what was passing for National Security in Guyana?” when you have members of a Special Branch of the Police fail an IQ Test. I do hope they send the Military Branch and not Police of the USA. I have one solution for dealing with the criminal element in Guyana, make a deal with the US government to re-open Alcatraz, and bring them all and dump them there, or build prisons on the Islands on the Essequibo river.

  9. Mohamed ,you know who is the idiot here?your lame duck President,he put a one eye man to look over a whole country security so you can blame PPP all you want your illegal President is the real idiot.

  10. In the meantime Shawn Hinds said, “The PNC taught me everything I know”. This from a confessed member of the Death Squad. What do you suggest we do about that? He has also implicated the upper leadership of the CID.

  11. The question is how will they rid the force of corruption, when they minister himself said he doesn’t have a strategy. The introduction of International help is a very good initiative but the minister is allowing and would be allowing these international bodies to be the decision makers of every policy. A security strategy was already carved to strengthen the system but to play politics the New government is throwing that strategy out the window. Instead of implementing it.

  12. I am interested in that study. How come you are the only one to know about this so call study. With one political activist claiming that the security sector voted at a rate of 80% for the government, he was actually confirming that the police wanted the PPP to look bad. To clear this myth, I request you to present a copy of this study that you are talking about.

  13. I Agree with Maharanee on two points 1.The GPF needs to rid itself of the corrupt elements that exist,for they are still ever present.I don’t believe the GDF is really corrupt.2. Weather it be Granger or Ramotar releasing criminals into society without any rehabilitation system in place is never a good idea,regardless of how petty their crimes are.Statistics show the people will do the same thing over and over unless they are rehabilitated. People keep saying that since May 11 the economy is bad and the Crime is worse,which i find a little hilarious,since as long as i can remember,things are the same.Maybe now that the police have to give people fair trials and not just blow their brains out or that everyone cannot spend taxpayers money as their own,things look different,but for regular folks,GT is the same,and only now they see any sign of a better tomorrow.(but corrupt individuals on both sides of the political divide will not agree)

  14. I have to disagree with you , studies by the GPF has shown that crime was on the rise long before the PPP Government exit office , so it’s not a situation that spiral out of control under the new administration, it was a growing problem that never gotten the attention it deserves from the past administration .

  15. You labelled “Maharanee” as idiot. Ramoutar released one convicted prisoner who was years on death row just before he demitted office. Granger released over three scores as soon as he assumed office. You blog from either a position of ignorance or deliberately ignore the facts in order to justify your bigotry. Crime and criminally have spiralled out of control since the Granger administration was catapulted into office. Things have gone so bad that they now have to accept help from Uncle Sam
    Ask yourself: Who is the idiot? Then look into the mirror for the answer

  16. This is certainly needed, but so too is attention to the social and economic conditions that encourage criminality. Political, social, religious, educational leaders have to lead by example. I’m not saying that they will become saints overnight, but they cannot support or turn a blind eye to criminality. Also young persons who have fallen out of the formal educational system and into crime need second chances – TVET training, reintroduction of some form of National Service, agricultural projects, alternatives to custodial sentencing for non-violent, minor crimes, de-criminalization of possession of small quantities of marijuana for personal use, all of these need urgent debate and action.

  17. Many, with little or no academic qualifications join the GDF and GPF in order to get a job for life. No wonder the GPF cannot solve numerous crimes. There are not enough qualified investigators to get the real criminals behind bars. There should be a measurable personality test to get recruits with the desirable attitude into the GPF. Those who are honest and polite, dedicated to maintaining law and order without prejudice, racial religious or political. Unfortunately, the current make up of the GPF and the GDF do not reflect the make up of the population. It’s completely lopsided from top to bottom. While one section of the population feels comfortable, the other is fearful and suspicious. The GPF needs ALL on its side to work together so that those who want to engage in criminality would know that the PEOPLE’S law enforcement agency would act fairly and swiftly against them.

  18. You idiot it was under the PPP Scumbag govt all of this happened Maharanee. Elements in the police force were controlled by the Scumbag PPP regime who were also responsible for a lot of crimes themselves, and don’t forget that it was Ramatar you president who pardoned and released condemned criminals.

  19. What are they going to do about rogues in the police and army? They are responsible for many crimes committed in the country and must be pursued in order to bring the crime rate down. And releasing criminals before they serve out their sentence is encouraging criminal activity. This should end immediately.


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