US supports diplomatic solution to Guyana/Venezuela border issue

Ambassador Perry Holloway

By Jomo Paul

Ambassador Perry Holloway
Ambassador Perry Holloway

[] – Newly accredited U.S Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway has said both Guyana and Venezuela should push for a “peaceful resolution, continued dialogue and respect for international law” in relation to the border controversy.

Asked whether US intervention was likely if the aggression from Venezuela continues given that a US company –ExxonMobil – is operating in the area of controversy, Holloway said that the US has one stance on the issue irrespective of the nationality of company.

“Whether it was a US company or a Chinese company I don’t think it would have changed our stance,” he stated.

He said that the world is impressed with the manner in which President David Granger has handled the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.

Holloway made the disclosure at a press conference on Monday, October 5, where he briefed the media on several of his plans on him being named Ambassador to Guyana.

According to Holloway, most countries from the region and the world have taken note of the professional manner in which the controversy was addressed by Guyana’s President.

“They are doing so in a professional manner…throughout the region and the rest of the world people have been very impressed and I think that the way people do thing,” said Holloway.

Since Venezuela renewed its aggression towards Guyana over the territory on May 26, President Granger has rallied international support for Guyana against Venezuela’s claim.

The President has successfully gained the support of CARICOM, Commonwealth, OAS and UNASUR against the aggressions from Venezuela.

Recently there has been calls on the US Government to voice on its position on the Guyana/Venezuela issue.

When asked about this, Holloway stated that Guyana has done a fine job in defending itself.

“I don’t think we have been silent. I think Guyana has been very very good at defending its sovereignty,” said the new Ambassador.

Meanwhile, Holloway reiterated that it is very important that Guyana pursue diplomatic solution to the current controversy.




  1. I think Venezuela has a valid claim, because Venezuela was represented by the United States during those court proceedings, therefore the outcome is not valid.

  2. US supports diplomatic solution to Guyana/Venezuela border issue..
    Exactly what PPP said and what PPP did.. But no. Diplomacy was never enough for the PNC boys and girls whom are brained washed into thinking that our big bad and powerhouse GDF can defend us from any invasion. Well it can’t. PNC top brass will never come clean with it’s people and tell them the truth. The GDF was formed to keep PNC rulers in power in the event of and opposition uprising. That uprising never came and will never come. The PNC gullible got robbed big time of their $10000 per school child but they take that too like little innocent lambs and did nothing. U bet your life had PPP taken away anything from them there would be mass riots all across Guyana especially in the Georgetown area. Guyana would be alight.


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