US informs OAS of its support for Guyana’s sovereign rights

Ambassador Frank Mora


United States of America Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Frank Mora has informed of his government’s support for Guyana’s sovereign rights.

He was addressing the Permanent Council of the OAS at a special session called following a request by Guyana.

At the session, Guyana’s Prime Minister Mark Phillips highlighted the country’s concerns regarding Venezuela’s planned referendum on the Essequibo region and also of the Spanish-speaking nation’s increase of military troops near the border.

Sharing remarks after, Ambassador Mora expressed, “My government supports Guyana sovereign right to develop its own natural resources.”

“The United States finds efforts to infringe upon Guyana’s sovereignty unacceptable. The United States supports a peaceful resolution to this issue whether through the decision of an international judicial body or agreement of the parties.”

“With this in mind, we call on Venezuela to respect international law including the 1899 Arbitral Award as well as the ongoing International Court of Justice process between Guyana and Venezuela.”