US carrier Jet Blue to operate flights out of CJIA


The New York-based carrier, Jet Blue, which currently operates in over 100 countries is expected to begin operating soon in Guyana.

INews understands that the airline will facilitate direct flights from Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) to the United States’ John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport in a few months.

Jet Blue is said to have a fleet of about 253 aircraft and has been dubbed one of the most affordable carriers.

The airline signalled its intention to begin operations in Guyana last year. Jet Blue is not the only carrier which has been drawn to the shores of Guyana in recent times as a number of other airlines have already begun operating.

The window for such activity was opened as the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has been signing a number of open skies agreements in a bid to promote tourism in the country, among others.

Director of the GCAA, Egbert Field during an interview said that Guyana is preparing itself for a massive tourism influx with the signing of such agreements.

He had noted that already, the Agency has signed open skies agreement with other South American countries which will allow for more airlines to fly the route as well.

On that note, it was pointed out the GCAA has already inked an agreement with Brazil and Ghana which will allow for direct flights to those countries as well as give a go-ahead for any airline which wishes to fly the Guyana route from those countries.

In addition, he disclosed that the Civil Aviation Authority is seeking to sign more of such agreements with Columbia and other African states such as Tanzania and Nigeria among others, with the aim of having as many airlines as possible enter the country.

He was keen to note that the agreements being inked were in keeping with 2018’s theme of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) with regards to connectivity.

In December, an Interline Agreement was inked between a German airline, Condor, (Thomas Cook Group) and LIAT’s flights from Germany to Guyana which makes flights easier and more convenient for passengers using this route.

The Interline Agreement is one between individual airlines which is drafted to handle passengers travelling on itineraries that require multiple flights on multiple airlines.

It allows passengers to use coordinated flight connections and checked-through luggage and affords cheaper tickets year-round.





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