US Ambassador restates commitment to LEAD Project amid PPP’s ‘meddling’ comments

US Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt


By Kurt Campbell


President Donald Ramotar (left) and US Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt.
President Donald Ramotar (left) and US Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt.

[] – United States Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt, in the face of strong and unrelenting opposition from the government says he remains committed to the implementation of the contentious USAID funded Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project.

The Ambassador made the comments shortly after handing over an Automated Fingerprint Identification System to the Guyana Police Force and amid charges by the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that he is a known meddler in local politics.

He hopes that despite the rejection by the Guyana Government and the recent revocation of the work permit of the Glenn Bradbury, who was tasked with implementing the Project, a way forward can be found.

“We will continue to try to implement the project because we think it is for the benefit of all,” Hardt told reporters on Tuesday, May 06.

He confirmed that Bradbury was still in Guyana. Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee had earlier noted that the letter sent to Bradbury stated that his work permit was terminated with immediate effect.

However, neither Rohee nor the Ambassador would comment specifically on whether his stay here was in violation of local immigration laws. The US Ambassador in particular was dodgy on the issue and did not say much.

The Home Affairs Minister did state that the administration was now looking to see what will happen in response to a question which inquired into the government’s preparedness to arrest and deport Bradbury if the need arises.

Rohee told the news conference that Bradbury was visiting agencies, without the permission of its Heads and engaging employees which he said was counterproductive and an abuse to long established protocols. He said among those organizations was the PPP, the University of Guyana and several Committees of Parliament.

At the event this evening the Ambassador began his address by saying “Here I am meddling again.”

Rohee, who spoke after him said that regardless of differences in other areas of cooperation that other mutual and productive cooperation is highly valued by the administration.

He said where ever the two governments have reached road blocks in the past they were able to diffuse those blocks and is hopeful that the same will repeat itself in this case.  

Hardt on the other hand posited that all cooperation is interrelated and as such the US Government had hoped to have an integrated programme in this regard.

The US Ambassador and the Guyana Government is expected to meet soon to chart the way forward.



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