US actively engaged with ExxonMobil


By Jomo Paul

[] – United States Chargé d’affaires in Guyana, Brian Hunt says the US remains in constant contact with ExxonMobil as the company continues its operations in Guyana’s waters off the Essequibo coast.

This comes as the Venezuelan government recently raised strong objections to the operations of the US company, citing ownership of the disputed Stabroek Block.

In a recent interview with local media, Hunt said that the company’s operations are on-going despite these objections.

“We are always actively engaged with any of our major companies working overseas,” he said.

He said they remain hopeful that the partnership will yield tremendous results for Guyana and the US based company.

The Government of Guyana on Friday rejected what has been termed a “subtle threat” against Guyana’s territorial sovereignty by its neighbour to the west – Venezuela.

This comes after a communiqué from the Venezuelan Embassy was published in local print media on Thursday which said it is surprised by the false accusation that Venezuela seeks or has sought to stymie the development of Guyana.