URP accuses Gov’t of ‘spying, eavesdropping’ on citizens – says it’s a repeat of ‘PNC days’


Over the past few days, severe criticisms and condemnations have been coming from major stakeholders, including political parties, private sector groups and NGOS, against the APNU/AFC Government regarding the manner in which the security forces are carrying out their duties.

The latest to join the fray is the United Republican Party (URP) which, in a statement today,  registered its “strong condemnation” against Government over what the party calls “spying on the movement of citizens and eavesdropping on conversations”.

URP Head, Vishnu Bandhu
URP Head, Vishnu Bandhu

The URP, headed by businessman Vishnu Bandhu, noted that if the fatal Carifesta crash had not occurred, in which three persons including a GDF Sergeant lost their lives, the public would not have known that the government had ordered the military to spy on political opponents and ordinary citizens who are affiliated with the political Opposition.

According to the statement, the APNU/AFC Government, which came to power only last May, has been spying on citizens as it (PNC) did between 1965 and 1992. “One can only assume that it is also eavesdropping on conversations. This is a complete repeat of what occurred between 1965 and 1992 when the PNC (now APNU) assumed total control of the society establishing an ethnic dictatorship”.

The Party is urging the Government to better use its manpower and other resources in combating the out-of-control crime spree which is currently creating serious instability in the country,  “instead of misusing the security forces to spy on, harass, and intimidate citizens”.

INews had reported a few days ago that Sergeant Pyle was on vacation when he was called out to duty to participate in the special covert operation that went totally wrong and ended with him and his wife dying tragically in an accident on Carifesta Avenue in Georgetown on December 30.

According to sources, Sergeant Pyle was assisting the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) on a surveillance operation on National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Head Winston Brassington, who was recently sent on administrative leave to facilitate a probe of the entity.

Reports indicate that directives were given for the GDF Sergeant to keep watch on Brassington’s teenage children. But on the night in question, the special team reportedly staked out and eventually hunted down the wife and brother-in-law of People’s Progressive Party/Civic parliamentarian Attorney Charles Ramson Jr. Reports suggest that the special team thought the brother and sister duo to be Brassington’s children.

In a case of mistaken identity, the special team approached Alana Seebarran and her brother Raymond, but failed to properly identify themselves in the process. Their approach triggered fear within the two civilians who attempted to flee the scene. This led to a high-speed chase which took a turn for the worse on Carifesta Avenue, resulting in the death of Pyle,  his wife Stacy and a Canter driver, Linden Eastman who unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pyle’s brother, Roger, has since issued a strong call for the authorities to say exactly what occurred on the night in question that may have led to the fatal crash.




  1. The answer is simple,,,WP the comic just woke up,he and many like him were in a COMA over the last 23 yrs,,remember the new government will work wonders over night,,,

  2. URP accuses Gov’t of ‘spying, eavesdropping’ on citizens – says it’s a repeat of ‘PNC days’
    In or out of power the PNC does this at all times so nothing new here:
    House thieves does do surveillance all the time on their target:
    And yall must get this and live with it–Remember Rumjhaatbabboo when he was a PPP member ??? Rumjhaat babboo used to run to US embassy all the time with info on PPP. So in fact PPP never had a chance and dont know why it took 23 to remove them from power. Remember the the Gang that made Buxton their criminal operation base and remember which politicians from which political party were allowed to go visit them??
    Remember when PPP sent GDF to help police flush out the gang what GDF reall did while there?? They in fact became friendly with the gang ?
    Remember the stench of G/town for 23 years but once PPP out of office most of the stench gone through volunteer work by city hall crowd — the gdf crowd–the fire fighting crowd- the community crowds ???
    In opposition the PNC was always ruling the roost.

  3. What was the hidden agenda in relation to persuing Ms Allana? What criminal activity did she commit? Was it truly a case of mistaken identity or was there an evil motive by the blatant APNU overstepping their boundry and abuse of power? All across the world only criminals are treated in that manner.

  4. Every country does what it has to do to preserve Law and Order and it’s National Security. Is there any reason why this URP group…or whatever it is, didn’t air it’s voice and concern during the Bharrat Jagdeo Government when the Government was using Drug-dealer like Roger Khan and other criminal element to carry out illegal wire-tapping on private Citizens of Guyana, including the then Commissioner of Police. Just give it a rest. You have nothing to hide or you’re not involve in any subversive or criminal activities…just carry on your normal everyday business…There must be a reason why the security Forces of Guyana are carrying out surveillance exercise. It is not illegal nor does it need a Court for that.


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