UPDATE: Top Cop indicates that gunned down bandits were targeting safe


…“Bravery” of ranks commended as OPR to investigate shootings   

The five bandits who were gunned down by police while attempting to break into a Pattensen, East Coast Demerara home, were reportedly targeting a safe containing valuables located in the house, implying that the men had inside knowledge.

The items recovered from the Crime scene.

This is according to acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine on Tuesday morning during an interview with media operatives.

According to the Top Cop, a 911 call was received by a male residing at the targeted premises at about 03:00h. The individual indicated that he was hearing “breaking sounds, loud sounds” coming from his yard.

He further disclosed that he was at home with his wife, two children and another relative, before providing his address to ranks.

Acting Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine

Ramnarine detailed that officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters were in close vicinity, and so along with ranks from the Police “C” Division, two patrols closed in on the scene.

“The ranks proceeded cautiously by ensuring that the police vehicles were secluded in the area,” the Top Cop said.

Upon arriving at the scene, the ranks observed two men in the yard of the targeted home, holding rifles.

“The police challenged them [and they] opened fire [and so the police] returned fire [and the] two men fell…a third revealed himself and opened fire…[he too] collapsed [after being shot.,] Ramnarine said.

However, seconds later, it was reported that a white motorcar arrived at the scene, and two male occupants exited and began to shoot at ranks.

The home where the attempted robbery took place

As such, the officers took cover and immediately returned fire, resulting in the two men being fatally wounded too.

Ramnarine stood at the podium during his press conference and commended the “bravery” of the ranks who put their lives at stake to ensure public safety.

Dead: Timothy St Hill

He has also indicated that an investigation will be launched into the matter by the Guyana Police Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)- as is done in every case where police officers are involved in an exchange of fire with civilians.

Moreover, it was also disclosed that the alleged bandits seemed to have gained entry into the yard of the home by cutting a part of the metal gate, and using a crowbar to wrench the gate off.

The five dead suspects has since been identified as Timothy St Hill, Levi Braithwaite, Andrew Dally, Ian Ford and Jermaine Doobay.

Investigations are continuing.



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