PRISON RIOT UPDATE: More than a dozen bodies found in Camp Street prison

The Camp Street prison

By Kristen Macklingam

More than a dozen bodies have been found thus far in the Camp Street Prison, and it is expected that as the relevant authorities conduct their investigations they could possibly locate more bodies in the debris following the fiery blaze that erupted for the second time at the jail earlier today.

Commander of police  ‘A’ Division, a short while ago, confirmed that the investigators are continuing their searches in the area where the fire is believed to have started.

One source stated that it is likely that many more bodies might be found there, taking the death toll higher. Fire broke out again at the Camp Street Prison around noon today after inmates set fire to mattresses and an area of the prison.

INews understands that a number of prisoners were injured, while some of them received severe burns about their bodies. Those injured were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
INews will provide more details soon.



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  2. De gon release the others send dem to rehab and put dem back in society to commit more crime at the tax payers expense..pres doing a fantastic job he help his brodas as much as he can .while the others loosing jobs what a way to go pres.


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