UPDATE: Main suspect in murder of Corentyne fisherman on the run as 3 in custody


A boat owner and two workers are presently in police custody following the death of their colleague who was fatally wounded on Thursday in a boat at Number 65 Village Corentyne.

The dead man has been identified as a fisherman from Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. His only identity is that of “Shetty” so far.

According to information received, the boat owner, Alex Younge also called ‘Roberto’ and two fishermen were taken into custody following the discovery of the body.

Reports indicate that the main suspect –who has since fled the scene- went to the boat owner’s home and informed him that he and the now dead man had a misunderstanding, which turned into a fight.

The matter was immediately reported to police and the three men mentioned are said to be assisting with investigations.

It is still unclear what the two men were arguing over.

However, the now dead man and the main suspect along with his other colleagues returned from sea yesterday and were scheduled to return tomorrow.

The hunt for the main suspect is ongoing.



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