Update: Gov’t Minister publicly humiliates US Ambassador; Booed during Speech

US Ambassador Hardt delivering his remarks at the event. [iNews' Photo]

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

US Ambassador Hardt delivering his remarks at the event. [iNews' Photo]
US Ambassador Hardt delivering his remarks at the event. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Outgoing US Ambassador Brent Hardt was this evening accused of unprofessional conduct by acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Education Priya Manickchand.

Speaking at the traditional US Independence celebrations, Minister Manickchand’s speech was interrupted by loud heckling as she responded to Ambassador Hardt’s criticism of President Donald Ramotar for not calling local government elections.

During her speech, Manickchand launched a stinging assault on the Ambassador and accused him of meddling and crossing the red line in Government’s business.

As the Minister continued her attack, the crowd became extremely hostile towards her and heckled throughout her speech; this somehow did not seem to faze her, as she read the entire speech that was prepared.

The acting Foreign Affairs Minister in a cold tone said there are international rules by powerful countries such as the U.S that is anything but democratic and cited the Security Council as one such institute that lacks democracy.

She noted that many impositions are brought upon Guyana by the U.S; however, because the State is powerful, Guyana has no choice but to comply.

Priya Manickchand during her address.
Priya Manickchand during her address.

“Democracy and the rule of law is not only about local government election which I am confident the Guyanese people would resolve in the near future but must be practiced by all who choose to preach it at all times,” Manickchand said.

She reflected on the activities of the Ambassador since his appointment some three years ago saying, “His remarks to the recently created NGO Blue Caps has in our judgment gone beyond the boundaries of professionalism and diplomacy, for a professional foreign service with appointment of Ambassador to make such declarations, accusations, allegations and innuendos about the executive president of Guyana or any country for that matter is to our mind totally unacceptable”. 

It was after making those remarks that the crowd began its uproar and started to boo the Minister.

Earlier in his address Ambassador Hardt reiterated his call for the holding of local government elections and said the “President has a historic opportunity to advance Guyana’s political, social and economic development by being the President who restores elected local governance to Guyana”.

Manickchand took the Ambassador to task for making this pronouncement again on local government elections and deemed his behaviour as “totally unacceptable.”

That again sent the crowd in an uproar in total rejection of the Minister’s sentiments, but this did not stop her from delivering her address. At one point, no one could hear what she was saying.

At the end of Manickchand’s speech, the Ambassador in an unprecedented move, took to the podium again and said, “What a send off.” He then challenged the government to provide evidence that he has not acted in the interest of the country.

Manickchand and Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira walked out of the ceremony shortly after.



  1. Shame on her… Where would Guyana be the U.S and it’s enomic might… That sounds personal to me

  2. What is wrong with you people there is a time and place for every thing and that tirade was neither the time or place sad

  3. The Minister of Education as always been disrespectful…..and your comment is out of order and more so not in keeping with the issue at hand. Just as was said by the first commenter the Minister does not know here place, but I am sure the Guyanese people will be the judge and remove the corrupted PPP from office soon.

  4. Regardless of one’s political persuasion, to use that venue and celebratory occasion at the US Ambassador’s home to deliver an unprovoked attack is unprofessional and beyond shameful.

    This behavior is unbecoming of a Foreign Affairs Minister, who represents the whole country, not a political party. This tarnishes all Guyanese

  5. only pnc could do the booing.pnc have no shame no morals.pnc cant win the minds and hearts of guyanese pnc cant win votes but pnc want to rule. and massa feeling a sense of guilt for something called —slavery– so massa want to make it up to pnc and install pnc to power —-AGAIN—-look out guyanese..possibly 56 years of pnc rule to come

  6. The democratic elected President, is who runs a country, not a two bit ambassador. .. He is totally out of place, and should respect a country’s sovereignty. ..Let him pick on someone his own size, let him, if he is not afraid, go talk to President Putin…lmao..I thought so…

  7. I’m was privileged to watch & careful listen to the speech made my Minister Manickchand on the state run NCN, what she said n it’s clear her actions more so her speech was a total disrespect to the US Ambassador, The US Government, The People Of Our Great But Struggling Nation Guyana, the Government n ruling PPP/C Administration. It’s seems the Minister think she can say whatever she wishes since her disrespectful attack of MP Sharma where she refused to apologize to this date. It’s clear she’s not fit to stand in the forefront of the Government more so to be Our Education Minister. I can surely Say that her so called speech will have a deep ripple effect amount citizens, her fellow ministers, fellow MP and more so the US Government. If this was neighboring Trinidad she would have already been fired. Smh it’s sad when these actions are displayed n portray by the ones we so look to for having dignity n moral respect.


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