Update: Elderly man found with throat slit at Grove

The dead man.
The dead man.

The body of a man popularly known as “Ceo” was found this morning with multiple stab wounds to his neck and body.

iNews understands that the man has no fixed placed of abode and occupies space at a shop at Grove, Market street. He was discovered at about 08:00h this morning.

A man, who was present at the scene and opted to remain anonymous, says he was passing by when he saw the gathering at the shop.

He further related that when he got a glimpse of the body, there was a gaping wound to the neck and about two stab wounds in the abdomen.

Meanwhile, another person – Sukhram – who was also present on the scene says the man normally does handy work for people in the area and spends his nights by the shop.

He stated that despite being an alcoholic, the man was very humble and he is confused as to why someone would want to murder him. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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