UPDATE: Bandits caught robbing ‘Fish Depot’ at Meadow Bank wharf

Two of the three suspects who committed an early morning robbery at Meadow Bank, East Bank Demerara, have been apprehended minutes after the commission of the crime, with an unlicensed firearm and eight live rounds. One of the duo was shot by the police and is under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.  INews understands that the stolen articles were recovered.
The gun used by the bandits in committing the robbery
The gun used by the bandits in committing the robbery

The robbery occurred around 00:45hrs this morning when three males, one armed with a handgun stormed the “Wild Caught Fresh Fish Depot” at the Meadow Bank Wharf at Ruimveldt, held the Supervisor, Shane Robin, at gun-point and carted off with a camera, a DVR, a radio set and other articles. During the process, the 29-year-old supervisor was struck on his head by the armed bandit, causing a laceration.

A public spirited citizen who witnessed the robbery summoned the police who responded within minutes and confronted the men in front of the depot.
One of the bandits who was caught this morning
One of the bandits who was caught this morning

During the confrontation, one of the unarmed suspects was shot to both legs and the other with the firearm ran in the said depot where they committed the robbery and concealed himself in the ceiling but was extracted shortly after with an unlicensed 9MM pistol with eight live rounds. Police, in a statement, said the other suspect managed to escape and stringent efforts are being made to have him apprehended.

The shot suspect is said to be a 40-year-old resident of Bushy Park, East Bank Essequibo. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent surgery and was admitted under police guard. The suspect with the firearm is a 25-year-old resident of 5th Avenue Diamond, East Bank Demerara. The victim was escorted to the G.P.H.C. where he was treated and sent away.
According to the son of the Fish Depot’s owner,  Kevin Jettoo, he was informed that bandits broke into the business at approximately 12:00am. He stated that the police were contacted, but upon their arrival at around 12:45am, one of the three bandits opened fire.
According to Jettoo, this is just one of several robberies that the business entity has been subjected to. “I would just like it to be known that I intend to go to the highest level for this, because this is not the first robbery on the business. It keeps happening over and over again,” declared a frustrated kevin Jettoo.
Meanwhile, investigations into this latest incident are still in progress.


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