UPDATE: Alcohol, horses on the road ‘blamed’ for deadly Corentyne crash


Police investigations into the deadly accident on the Corentyne Highway in Region 6 (East Berbice-Corentyne) on Sunday night confirm that the two men killed and the three others injured were on “a drinking spree” and were heading to another drinking spot for “a wash-down” when the accident occurred.
The two men who died in the accident are the driver of the car Richard Ramnarine, 45, a businessman of Number 46 Village, Corentyne, and Ramesh Rampat, 23, a porter of the same village.
The injured men are Prakesh Gangaram, 24, also called ‘Rex’ of Number 47 Village, Rameswar Mangar, 31, also called ‘Boy’ of Number 46 Village, and Mahendra Ramprakash, 24, also called ‘Sneeze’ of Number 47 Village, Corentyne.
Reports are that the five men were in the car when the accident occurred at about 20:40hrs Sunday night at Number 49 Village.
Gangaram, Mangar and Ramprakesh were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital and subsequently transferred to New Amsterdam Hospital.

Injured; Rameswar Mangar

Injured: Rameswar Mangar

Dead: Ramesh Rampat

Dead: Ramesh Rampat

 Dead: Richard Ramnarine

Dead: Richard Ramnarine

Injured; Mahendra Ramprakash

Injured: Mahendra Ramprakash

They were treated and sent away while Ramnarine and Rampat were pronounced dead at the Skeldon Hospital.

Reports are that the men were drinking in Number 47 Village.
At about 20:30hrs the group decided to go home, Gangaram would have been the first one to be dropped off at the Number 48 Village dam.
However before they arrived there, a decision was taken to go for a ‘wash down’ at a nearby gas station.
They never made it.
Reports are that as the car was approaching the Number 50 Village dam, three horses ran across the road and the driver hit the first one and then smashed into a culvert before toppling into the canal.
The other two horses escaped unharmed.
The dead horse carried no brand.
Police are investigating.
The bodies of Ramnarine and Rampat are at the Skeldon Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem examination. (Andrew Carmichael)



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