Unidentified persons set car on fire at Hague Backdam; owner says this is second attempt to do so

The torched car

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating an incident which occurred at Hague Backdam earlier this morning (Wednesday), in which a car belonging to Yoganand Persaud was set afire.

The torched car

According to information reaching INews, persons, who are yet to be identified, entered Persaud’s yard by climbing over the fence at round 12:20 and doused the vehicle with  gasoline. A lighted umbrella was then used to set the car ablaze in which the engine and the front sections were damaged. Immediately, efforts were made to remove the burning car from the yard and save the house from going up in flames.

The damaged car engine

Meanwhile, Kamlawattie Persaud, who was at home at the time of the incident, noted that a similar incident occurred as recent as Monday morning when gasoline was thrown at the vehicle and in some sections of the yard. A bottle containing gasoline and a wick was then lobbed in the direction of the car.  However, the fire was doused before it could have caused any major damage. The woman related that soon after an alarm was raised, a getaway car fled the scene after the act was committed.

In both attempts, the police were summoned and statements were taken by occupants of the house.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.




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