Unemployment crisis could cause a social explosion – APNU warns


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has issued a warning to the government that Guyana is sitting on a “time bomb” as it relates to the issue of youth unemployment.

“The government’s delay in dealing with the job crisis and its disregard for measures to defuse the job crisis could cause a social explosion which could dangerous consequences,” the Party’s Leader said at a press conference this morning Friday August 30.

The APNU quoted a number of reports which highlighted the unemployment situation in the country.

“Unemployed young people feel that they are in a cul – de – sac. They find themselves ensnared in a position from which they cannot move forward of backward. This has been made worse by this crisis in the public education system and the failure of the PPPC administration to promulgate a pursue a coherent and comprehensive national youth policy,” Mr Granger told reporters.

Mr Granger also chided Youth Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony for not having a functional National Youth Policy.

According to the APNU leader, while there are short term remedies being implemented by various government ministries, there are no long term ones to effectively tackle the issue. He said that some of these short term programmes are shallow and does not provide what the young people need.

In this regard, the APNU is calling for the construction of permanent institutes for agricultural and technical education in every region.

According to Mr Granger, this will eventually lead to the ultimate solution to the problem.

“We feel that part of the solution is to have agricultural and technical institutions in every region.”

He stated that the Party is mostly concerned about Regions 1, 7, 8 and 9.

Mr Granger believes that the current programmes which government ministries have implemented do not provide life long careers and it is merely a “band aid”.

To this end, he explained that there should be a coordinated programme between the various ministries.



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