UK, Guyana hold technical consultations on UN security matters


The government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, engaged with representatives from the United Kingdom (UK) on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) matters on Thursday.

This initiative forms part of a series of consultations with the five permanent members and 10 elected members of the UNSC, as Guyana prepares to assume its non-permanent seat on the council.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud said the consultations are excellent opportunities for Guyana to learn of the various priority areas for security council members and explore areas for increased collaboration and further discussion.

“This type of dialogue allows us to have an understanding of what the views are and what are some of the issues that we would have to confront, and how we can come out with a more informed approach in dealing with them,” he said.

Guyana has already held technical consultations with two permanent members of the UNSC: China and the United States, and consultations will soon be held with France.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) during Thursdays session, British High Commissioner, Jane Miller said the UK aims to support Guyana in assuming its seat on the council, and this session seeks to ensure that critical areas are explored for a well-rounded perspective.

“It’s a mixture between some of the processes, how the UN Security Council works, and how different people work together, and also on content such as food security, which we all know is one of Guyana’s big priorities. It’s also a discussion on Guyana’s priorities, and what they will be discussing on the UN Security Council, and how we can work with them,” she explained.

In June of this year, Guyana for the third time was elected as a non-permanent member of the UNSC for the period January 2024 to December 2025.

In keeping with the theme: “Partnering for Peace and Prosperity,” Guyana’s tenure will see a focus on five key areas including peacebuilding and conflict prevention, women, peace and security, protection of children in armed conflict, and youth, peace, and security.

The government has maintained that this position will be assumed with utmost seriousness and dedication for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Guyana’s election to the council for the third time speak volumes about the confidence the international community has placed in the country’s capabilities. [DPI]