UK-based Guyanese seeking to engage youths in acrobatics


UK-based artist Patrick Hinds, also known as “Papa Scotchy,” is seeking to revitalize Guyanese youths’ interest in the once active sporting discipline of acrobatics and gymnastics.

Back in the 1960s, when Hinds was part of a vibrant acrobatics and gymnastics team, that sporting discipline had given youngsters a focus while teaching them discipline and imbuing in them understanding of social standards.
Now having lived in the United Kingdom for several decades, the Guyanese artist related that since his return on vacation to Guyana, he has observed that youths of the day seem to lack focus, and find time to engage in negative and socially unacceptable activities, thus his sole inspiration is to impart to the youth what he knows in the sporting discipline of gymnastics and acrobatics.

Patrick Hinds and Carlyon Kennedy

“I can impart (to them) my knowledge, and at the same time it’s a way forward for the youths, who seem not to have much to do; and because of this (lack of activities) their minds would go in different avenues. The youths of today are our future, they are the men and women of tomorrow, and they need some form of direction. And I think that I could contribute in this form, with my acrobatics as the vehicle to get to them,” Hinds said in an interview with one of INews’ sister media agency.
Hinds arrived in the country only a few days ago, and is seeking to collaborate with the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport to launch the programme. He is optimistic that gymnastics and acrobatics would emerge as a national art.
Hinds’s brother-in-law, Professor Carlyon Kennedy, a former student of acrobatics and gymnastics, told this publication that the programme is their way of giving back to the Guyanese community, while paving a way for youths to pursue and showcase their talent.
Hinds has disclosed that the launch of the project primarily depends on the outcome of consultations expected to be held with various organisations over the course of the new week.
The acrobatic is seeking the support and guidance of relevant authorities, local organizations, and the general public for the successful launch of the acrobatic project.
“With this, I think it’s a step that we could take. He’s (Mr Kennedy’s) got the teaching ability, expertise; he’s got other things that I don’t have, but together we can do it. All we need to have is our infrastructure and someone to believe in us and give us a chance. That’s all we’re asking,” he added.


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