GTT launches ‘Blaze’ high-speed Internet


Guyanese will complain no more of slow Internet service as GTT on Saturday launched its long anticipated “Blaze” high-speed Internet.
At the National Stadium, East Bank Demerara (EBD), GTT introduced Blaze Ignite, Blaze Flaming and Blaze Inferno which will see GTT customers benefiting from fast, faster, and the fastest Internet in Guyana.
With this new service – “Blaze Ignite” – customers will be able to access Internet speed at five megabytes per second, “Blaze Flaming” users will access Internet with the speed of 20 megabytes per second and “Blaze Inferno” users, 50 megabytes per second.
Along with the fastest Internet speed, the over US$20 million investment will also provide improved streaming, gaming, browsing, easy connectivity for multiple users, greater reliability and added security along with crystal clear telephone calls.

The fibre optic service which has been in the pipeline for a number of years came to realisation when GTT used its submarine cables, taking the capacity from the shores, placing some copper lines and putting fibres so that the capacity could reach the homes of Guyanese.
The investment, which is thus far only seen in the more developed countries, will be provided at a low rate with installation fees being only $12,000 as affordability was considered by the Guyanese initiators.
Some 1000 homes are already benefiting from the services and have been providing positive feedbacks, according to GTT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Justine Nedd.
“Blaze is about us at GTT not only bringing you faster Internet but also bringing you a platform for you to do more. Blaze was inspired by you our customers and today, we have almost 1000 customers who can experience the service and who can tell you about the service,” Nedd told the gathering at the National Stadium.
According to the CEO, the provision of the fibre optic service is revolutionary for Guyanese as GTT is seeking to provide for the future of its customers.
“Even outside of the larger cities in the US, you don’t get this type of fibre optic service so this is revolutionary for Guyana. This is really what we are about at GTT, we have already started a number of partnerships and we are going to partner with young people that have ideas to drive Guyana forward. We are building the service throughout Guyana at places that already have phone lines and also at those places that are now developing,” Nedd said.
Nedd noted that the investment was made with the thought of “losing money in a year or two, this is about being able to provide a service for decades”.
GTT will be partnering with a number of companies who would also be able to provide better services with the help of Blaze high-speed Internet.



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