UGSS President snubs meeting with PYO


By Jomo Paul

Joshua Griffith

[] – President of the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS), Joshua Griffith on Tuesday afternoon refused to take part in an organized meeting with the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) – the youth arm of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic.

iNews understands that the PYO through its Chairman, Irfaan Ali, had invited Griffith and the UGSS to be a part of a meeting at Freedom House on Robb Street, however Griffith declined the offering asking to meet on mutual grounds.

A meeting was then scheduled for the International Conference Center in Liliendaal, however, at 16:00hrs when the meeting was expected to convene, there was no representing member of the UGSS in sight.

A senior official of the PYO told iNews that persons had travelled as from as a far as Linden for the meeting and he was aghast as to why the UGSS would decide to be a no-show.

According to him, the meeting with PYO and UGSS would have seen the establishment of a task force to look at the issues plaguing the students.

The task force would have been responsible for meeting with various stakeholders in society in an attempt to remedy the situation at the university. But up to the time iNews left the facility, none of the members had shown up for the meeting.

When contacted at noon, Griffith told iNews that he has no knowledge of a planned meeting with the PYO. Subsequent efforts to contact him late this afternoon proved futile.

The UGSS has had several protests over the last days with the last one being this morning at UG. The students are calling for the administration to pay better attention the conditions at facility and provide a better learning institution.




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