UG reopens with more uncertainty in the air

UG's Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jacob Opadeyi.
UG’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jacob Opadeyi.

The University of Guyana (UG) starts its new academic year tomorrow, Monday August 26, but the student population is worried that many of the same problems continue to plague the University as well as new challenges.

A student close to the students’ body pointed to the UG council’s recent public skirmish with the Head of the UG Berbice Campus and a report of financial irregularities involving senior UG officers.

Professor Daizal Samad resigned from the UG Berbice Campus following differences with the UG Council.

A lecturer pointed to a “litany of woes facing the country’s highest learning institution leading to wastage of money, nonperforming lecturers and ultimately poor performance by students.”

The University community is also upset that a report by the University of the West Indies, which revealed massive corruption involving top UG officials is heading for a “cover-up.”

The report pointed to millions being misspent, misused and wasted, along with various administrative weaknesses.

Recently a new Vice Chancellor Professor was appointed and has hinted at possible changes.Both the students and lecture bodies are urging for “focused and sustained” efforts to end the “decay” at the university.

No one wanted their names to be quoted for fear of reprisals by the university administration and council.



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